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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates for July 9, 2023.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, everyone prays. Abhi prays to Mahadev. He thinks that my son has come home. Give Abhir strength, he needs you very much. Manjiri thinks, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen my son happy. I wish this happiness would never end.”

Aarohi thinks it’s wrong to take away their peace so that two other people can be happy. Just make this right, she says. Ruhi prays for Abhir’s happiness. Abhir thinks that I want to see my parents and go home.

He asks what his name is. Manjiri says Abhir. He asks the name of his dad. Abhir says Abhinav Sharma. They watch. Pandit asks Abhinav Sharma? Mahima says that you’re right, that your dad’s name is Abhinav and that upbringing always beats birth. Manjiri says Abhimanyu Birla.

Pandit tells them to put their hands forward and put the kalash down. They put the kalash in place. Abhir thinks that my dad’s name is Abhinav Sharma, no matter what other people say. Kairav says that I should go see them. Manish says that they are very sad.

Abhi says that our friendship is over, and Abhir won’t talk to me about anything. What should I do? Manjiri takes his glasses and asks what’s on the table. “Flowers,” he says. She says that at first it was blurry, but then your eyes got used to it. She says to give him some time because he is a little kid and can’t get used to this place so quickly. He says that he won’t accept me if he can’t.

Shefali says that everything has changed for him and that it’s hard for him. He just needs time. Parth asks what Abhi will do if we don’t have time for him. Manjiri says that the house is Abhir’s and that he will stay there. Parth asks if you are certain.

Anand says that Manish has asked the court to change its ruling. She asks what’s going on, since Abhir just got here and the court ruled in his favor.

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Will we have to fight again? Abhi says, “I knew this would happen, because anyone would.” Shefali asks if they are going to win this time. Then, Abhi says, it will be up to Mahadev to decide. I gave up hope, but Mahadev gave me hope, so if he fights, I will fight, too.

Dadi says I have kept a mannat, so I m making laddoos. Everyone says that we will also pray and make laddoos. Manish says that Abhir’s world has changed.

What will he go through? Muskaan says I never saw him so sad. Ruhi and Aarohi tell Abhir that it’s his room and to come inside. Abhir thinks about what he said. Aarohi shows the closet, desk, toys, etc. Ruhi says you’ll be scared to sleep alone. She’s right, and if you want to come to my room, I won’t tell anyone.

Aarohi thinks that Abhir is cuter when he smiles. She cries and says, “I’m your Maasi, which is like your mother. I promise I love you a lot.” Akshu and Abhinav sit sad. Everyone is asking them to eat. Akshu says where did Abhir go.

Abhinav looks at her. Abhi and Manjiri ask Abhir to show them the food he likes best. The food is brought to him. Abhir has the shakes. Akshu also has the shakes. Abhinav makes her drink some water.

He says she wants Abhir back. Abhi says to talk to your mother once. Abhir wonders. Ruhi says call Maasi. Akshu says no, he should move in there. Abhir says I don’t want to talk. Abhi thinks he didn’t want to talk to them, and he doesn’t understand what they did wrong.

Abhi wants to talk to him just once. Abhir closes his eyes. He is prayed for by Abhi. He doesn’t understand why they aren’t calling Abhir. Abhir’s mind wanders to Abhinav. Abhinav cries and says, “Abhir used to sleep with me and hug me, but he’s not here today.” Akshu finds a blanket and starts to cry.

Manjiri tells us that we will take Abhir to the hospital. Akshu gets back home. Manjiri says that old things will make it hard for Abhir to settle in here. Abhi asks Abhir to call him dad.

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