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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 7th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

Abhir starts the episode by saying, “My parents don’t want to live with me, so I guess they don’t love me very much.” He’s crying. Akshu stops Kairav. Abhir says, “I won’t get mad and I won’t ask for anything.

Doc man wants to live with me, so I’ll go to his house.” Manjiri runs. Abhi says wait. She says they neither called nor left a message. Aarohi asks what’s wrong with spending more time with his parents, and Abhir tells him that he’ll always live with you.

Manjiri says that the court has ruled in our favor and that Abhir should have been sent here, but he wasn’t. Abhir calls Abhi and tells him, “Doc man, I’m ready to come. Can you pick me up?” Akshu makes everyone else cry.

Abhi says, “Yes, I’ll come and get you.” Manjiri asks him to go and get junior. He says Abhir called me, but anyone could have come to drop him off. This means…. They have done something big to get him to agree.

Anand says no, he loves doc man, and Akshu calling you was weird. Manjiri says yes, just go now. Since Abhi says yes, I’ll go get Abhir. He puts on his shoes and gets the keys to the car. Manjiri says don’t forget to get Abhir.

He tells the gardener that his son will be there soon. He tells you that your father is coming to get you. Akshu and Abhinav pack Abhir’s bag. She says that you’ll like staying there and that everyone will love you a lot, so you’ll be very happy there.

Abhinav says, “Yes, if you miss us, call us. This is your phone, and you can make a video call. Will you call us and show us your room?” Akshu says to also pay attention to school.

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Abhinav says he’ll do well in school. Akshu says, “If you need us, we’ll come.” Abhir asks, “Why will you call? The doctor is there. You’re bothered by me, but you won’t pick up the phone or come see me. You won’t miss me, so I’m leaving. I don’t want anyone’s help.” The souls of Akshu and Abhinav reach out to Abhir. People cry and beg him not to leave.

When Abhir sees them, he leaves. Akshu says Abhir is leaving us because we are such bad parents. Shefali gets back home. Manjiri says that the puja hasn’t started yet because Abhi went to find Abhir. Get ready and come.

Aarohi goes up to Ruhi and asks, “Are you glad Abhir is coming?” Ruhi says, “Yes, I’m making him a card. He won’t be happy here, so he’ll leave.” Abhir is sad. Kairav hugs him. Manish says it will take us 20 minutes to get there. Abhir gets a hug.

Abhi comes home. He says, “I’m sorry I wasn’t honest with you.” I’m sorry, I lost is what Akshu thinks. Abhinav doesn’t think I was a bad father, but he thinks you’ve become a better one. Manish says a prayer.

Abhi tells her, “I’m your father, and I’m here to take you home. Are you ready?” Akshu says wait Abhi. She says, “You are Abhir’s dad, so try to be his dad.

You need to know about Abhir. I’ve written as much as I could to help you, and you can call me if you want to know anything else.” Abhi thanks her and takes the book. She says that his online classes and school TC are on the way, and that you can get his acceptance here when they arrive.

Abhir says we should go home because everyone is waiting for us there. Akshu walks away and starts to cry. Rishton ka milna jhulna…plays.. She hands him her bag. Abhi says say yes to everyone. Abhir gives them a wave.

Abhi tells Abhir he needs to eat. Abhir and Akshu both have the shakes. Manjiri says we will take him to hospital. It is where Akshu goes. Abhir thinks that mom came to get him.

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