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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates, August 7, 2023.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Abhinav says, “Thanks for coming to lunch for me.” Abhi says that Abhir has a surprise for Abhinav. Abhir says that since it’s Papa’s birthday, everyone needs to talk about their favorite times with him. The idea is good to Manish and Dadi. Abhinav says no, that it won’t… Akshu says something funny. He agrees that we can play pass the parcel.

Aarohi says that this will keep happening every year, so you need to learn how to deal with it. Abhi says that Manish will go first. Manish says that the first time I met Abhinav, I became a fan of his.

Everybody applauds. Kairav says that we didn’t get off to a good start because I fought with Akshu. But Abhinav said that Akshu isn’t alone. Thanks to Abhinav, our relationship is strong now. Now it’s Dida’s turn, Ruhi says.

Manjiri says, “When I met Abhir for the first time, Abhinav and I didn’t know each other, but he treated me with respect and affection, so I knew he was a good person. He made me his good Bua, so I’ll do my best to become your good Bua.” Abhinav is happy.

Everybody applauds. Ruhi says, “Now it’s my turn. When Poppy was in the hospital, I was sad, and Maasa comforted and explained things to me. It was the best time I ever had with him.” Abhir says that it’s now Surekha’s turn.

Surekha says that we were in Kasauli when the fan stopped working. Abhinav fixed the fan without telling me anything. He doesn’t have money, but he does have love and respect, which are more valuable. Everybody is happy. Surekha asks what’s going on, and I sometimes say good things.

People clap. Abhir tells him that doc man will now tell him. Abhimanyu thinks back and says, “Sorry, I don’t know, there are so many times.” He fed me home-cooked food the first time we met, and he understood me even though I didn’t say anything. Abhir and Ruhi say that even older people get excited when they play games, so we’ll make new memories. Akshu sings “Dil beh chala” and “Teri hui.” The two of them dance.

All the people dance. Abhi embraces Abhinav. Manjiri watches. She wonders how Abhi can do this now that he has lost Abhir. Abhi picks up Abhinav and carries him. Everybody is happy. Abhinav says, “That’s enough, put me down.” Abhi says, “Just wait and see what I do for your birthday.” Manish thinks back to what Surekha said.

Abhi says to hurry up, there are only 2 hours left. Ruhi is funny. Akshu shows up and starts a fight with Abhi. He gives her some work to do. She says that all you do is fight. Abhir sees Abhinav talking to Neela on the phone. He says, “Stop fighting, Papa! He’s coming!” Come stop Abhinav are Akshu, Abhi, Manish, and Abhir. They give reasons.

Abhir says that I will go to the game zone with Papa. Abhi says, “No, I’m busy with him.” Abhinav asks, “What do you do?” Abhi tells her, “I’ll tell you to come.” Akshu asks if your phone costs money to use. Abhinav answers “yes.” Abhi says, “Don’t worry, my phone is charged, too.” The end of her scarf gets caught in Abhinav’s watch. They can see one another. Abhir says that mom does not want dad to leave.

Abhinav is trying to get the scarf off. He says, “I don’t see how we can get out of this.” Abhi says, “What a joke! Look, it got away!” Abhinav gets hurt. Everyone, including Abhi, holds him. Manish says you didn’t save him because he fell in front of you. Abhi says, “I had no idea.” Abhinav says, “I’m fine. A stone got in my way, but that’s all right.”

He gives them a wave and then follows Abhi. Abhir invites Akshu and Manish. Abhinav wants to know what the job is. Abhi points out the liquor. Muskaan comes over and watches. Abhinav says it’s a specialty of Kasauli. Abhi says, “Kasauli gave me this.” Abhinav has said that we should call Kairav. Abhi says we’ll sit down with him another time, so come. In the car, they leave.

They sit down to talk and have a drink. Abhinav says that Akshu scolds me every day, even on my birthday. Abhi says that when we get drinks together, something goes wrong. Abhinav says no, nothing bad is going to happen today. The drink is thrown by Abhi. Get ready for Akshu.

She tells him not to worry because it’s Abhinav’s birthday and she will wear his favorite dress to the party. The necklace is not on her. The mangalsutra is set by her. She puts on sindoor, and then she smiles. She says, “Now I look like Mrs. Akshara Abhinav Sharma. Abhinav is a nice guy, and I’m very lucky.”

Kairav says that Abhinav’s phone isn’t working. She says that something bad will happen. Abhi pulls on Abhinav. Abhinav gets hurt. Both Manish and Akshu are surprised. Akshu calls Abhinav’s name.

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