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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 6th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi says, “I’m Abhir’s real dad.” Ruhi remembers Abhir. Abhir says Abhi is Ruhi’s flower. Akshu says, “Ask us anything, and we will answer.” Abhinav says that we told you that mum had been married before. Abhir says you were married to Abhi, but you didn’t tell me and neither did doc man. He was in court and you fought with him, so you and doc man are all bad.

Things are thrown at him. He yells. Ruhi asks if you and Akshu were married. Abhi nods. Ruhi asks did you break up. Abhi says yes.

Abhir says Kairav and Muskaan also didn’t tell me. Abhinav says, “Give me a chance.” Abhir says that you tricked me. Akshu says that you can always call us with a video call. Abhir says, “I’m mad at Docman because he didn’t tell me anything. Do all adults lie to children?”

Manish says that he can only be handled by Abhinav and Akshu now. Akshu says that you’ll have a good time there. Abhir says, “My mum and dad won’t be there, so I won’t go. He can come to meet me, did you ask me and fight, what’s my mistake, and what will happen if I don’t go?” Tujhse naraaz…. Plays… Everyone, including Dadi, hugs him.

Abhinav says you are a good boy. Abhir says you all are bad, I won’t go. Akshu tells him that Abhi’s hospital is here and that he can’t go there. Abhir says that everything, including my school, is there. Muskaan says I m also here. Abhir says, “You’re here because you got married.

Why should I stay? I don’t want to be with Docman. If anyone makes me, I’ll leave the house and never come back.”

Abhir cries and hugs the picture of his family. Everyone feels sad. Abhi says, “Ask me if you’re confused or if you’re mad. Ruhi says, “I don’t know if I’m angry or happy. I know Abhir won’t be happy here. He’ll never leave his mom and dad. He won’t come here.

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We prayed that he would stay with his mom and dad. If he comes here, he won’t be happy, because he loves his mom and dad the most.” Manjiri fears. Abhir is sad. Manish takes the ring from Abhi.

He says that your parents love you very much, but they can’t send you anything. When you miss them, look at this locket or hold it in your hand, and they will feel like they are with you. Abhir says, “Don’t send me to doc man. Send my picture instead.” Akshu and Abhinav look on.

Abhir says, “I don’t want to stay here, so my parents and I will go to Kasauli.” Manish sobs and then walks away. He says I told him things. Akshu wants to know how we will describe him. Abhinav says that there is a way, but that it is hard.

Manjiri says its late. Abhi tells me not to worry. She says that you know what they did the last time: they took Abhir to Kasauli. He says that they raised Abhir for six years and that they are his parents.

He doesn’t know how Abhir responded when he found out the truth, whether he agreed to come or not, or how they will handle sending him. Manjiri says, “I’m afraid they’ll be able to change his mind and stop him.” Abhi says that they won’t do it. She says that if they don’t find Abhir soon, you won’t be able to stop me.

Abhir hears what Akshu and Abhinav are saying. They cry and do stuff. She says that we lost all the money we had saved up over the past six years. Abhinav says that Abhi did his surgery and that if this happens again, Abhi will take care of it.

If not, we might have to sell our house. Akshu says that if I pass my tests, I’ll be busy, but if Abhir is with Abhi, I can at least work. Abhir lets go of the bottle of water. Akshu says that Abhir has to agree. I thought he was smart, but he is set on his position. They’re sad.

Kairav’s lawyer says he will appeal to the high court, but the first meeting won’t be for another 6-7 months, and the whole case will take a year. Suwarna wants to know what we will do. Manish says waiting. Surekha says there’s nothing else to do.

Muskaan says that Abhi thought of me as a sister. I’ll tell him why. Manish says that Abhi might be on board, but Manjiri won’t be. Abhi can tell when it is. He hears a car and goes outside to look. Manjiri tells the driver to keep the car ready because I’ll be leaving in 15 minutes.

Akshu tells Abhir to come. Abhir doesn’t care what Akshu says, so he leaves. Abhinav says that our plan worked, and that we broke his heart. She wants to know why this happened to us. He feels sad and talks about how sad they are.

Abhi tells Abhir he needs to eat. Abhir and Akshu both have the shakes. Manjiri says we will take him to hospital. It is where Akshu goes. Abhir thinks that mum came to get him.

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