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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

Akshu says to Abhinav, “Abhinav, how will we tell him about Abhi?” This is how the episode starts. Abhinav says that he will always be our son, that we will explain things to him, that we only have to cry when he leaves, that we will smile as long as he is with us, and that we will live this day.

They feel sad and go to bed. Abhir is in sight. It’s morning, and Akshu and Abhinav are sleeping. His hands are kissed. Yeh Rishta kya…plays..

Manish looks at a picture of Kartik and Naira. He says, “I lost, you gave me responsibility for the kids, I lost, please forgive me, I took a mum away from her child.” Akshu comes and tells him, “It’s not your fault.” He wants to know whose fault it is. She says destiny.

He says, “I don’t know why this happened.” She says I thought Abhi understood me and wouldn’t let my family fall apart. I was wrong, she says, because he doesn’t care.

He wants to know what we will do next, if we will send Abhir to Abhi, and how you will live without Abhir. She says, “I knew this could happen one day, so I was getting ready for it. I’m going to become a lawyer, go to a higher court, and work hard.

I’ll get Abhir back, and this mom will fight her own battle now.” He says we need to lose right now and send Abhir to Abhi. She remembers Abhir. She sobs and gives him a hug. Abhir comes and gets Abhi out of bed. Abhi says, “I’ll tickle you, too.” He looks around and says, “It was a dream, but it will come true. My son is coming home.”

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Abhir wakes up. He wants to know where mum and dad went. He goes to find out. They are Akshu and Abhinav. Abhir wants to know why you cut the rope. They say that we have made you food. Abhir thinks that something is off.

Everyone helped me make this food, so Akshu has nothing to say. Akshu walks away and starts to cry. Abhinav tells Abhir that they will play football after they eat. Abhir gets a hug. Akshu thinks you’ll be gone today, but we want to spend time with you because it’s a special day for us.

Manjiri tells Shefali that she should take the day off. Shefali says, “I would like to meet him, but…” Manjiri says that he would be happy to meet his father. Shefali says he wants to leave his mother, but I can’t see him hurting. She’s going. Manjiri tells workers to do things.

Aarohi comes in and says, “I have fruits for puja. Abhir is my family. Don’t worry, he won’t get any bad luck here. We don’t know how Akshu and Abhinav are.” All of Abhir’s friends play football with him. He scores a point.

He says, “Stop! What’s up today?” She says that we are having a party for Abhir’s day. He wonders why. She says that we got happiness from you. She cries and hugs him. Kairav asks Abhir to come, because there are lots of other games to play.

Abhir looks around and says, “This just got more special.” Akshu sings Gun gun…. All of the people dance with Abhir. Akshu sits behind a table and cries. Everyone, including Abhinav, can see her crying. Abhir jumps on top of the table and starts to dance. Manish takes Abhir. Abhinav goes to Akshu.

She says that I can’t be honest with Abhi because I can’t live without him. He says we have to think of him, and that even I can’t live without him. But he also says we have to be strong and tell him the truth. She says no. They’re sad. Everyone looks on sadly.

Abhi makes Ruhi ready. He says, “Please sit down, I need to talk.” She wants to know why this puja is going on. He tells Abhir. Why? she asks. He says that he will go home today.

She asks him about his house in Kasauli. Abhi wonders. Abhinav says that the doctor called and wants you and Ruhi to go outside. Will you go? Abhir says yes. They talk and play a game. I love doc man, Abhir says.

Akshu says, “I told you I’d tell you about your real father when you get older.” Abhinav says we have something to say about him. Abhir asks if I’ve grown up. Abhinav says, “No, you got smarter, we can see that.” Abhir asks who my actual father is. Akshu says that his name is Dr. Abhimanyu Birla and that your doctor is really your father. Abhir is taken aback.

Abhir says, “If you force me to leave the house, I will.” Ruhi says that Abhir will not like it here. Abhir hugs the photo of his family. Abhinav says that to send him, we have to break his heart.

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