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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4 July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Abhi sees a plant. He talks to Mahadev while holding the locket. He says that when the plant is in the same pot, one flower is blooming and the other isn’t. He remembers Akshu.

He says, “I’ll talk to Akshu, but I’ll talk to Abhinav about how.” Aarohi gets sweets and says, “Congratulations, you won! Have sweets.” Abhi says, “I’m a loser, what will I win? I got my relationship today. No one can say that Abhir isn’t my son and I’m not his father. I’m sorry, but I’m not guilty.”

He says, “I didn’t tell you about Abhir because I didn’t know about him. Life has cheated me, and I’m not wrong. I felt bad when Manish said that if I lose the case, Abhir will never know about me. How can anyone decide for me? I trusted the court, I thought the decision would be in Akshu’s favour, because I’m alone and Abhir has his mother and father.

This isn’t a case; it’s Mahadev’ He’s crying. She asks, “Why don’t you look happy?” The answer is that she couldn’t see how sad Akshu was. He says, “Yes, I can’t see Akshu and Abhinav’s pain. If you had seen Akshu, she would have scared you because she looked dead.”

She asks Ruhi what’s up. He says, “I don’t get your question. She’s always been and always will be my daughter. What about her?” She says no, I mean, we need to tell her about this. He says, “I will tell her, and now Abhir will know. I will also tell Ruhi that he is my son, and she will love him even more. They will always be together.” Akshu and Abhinav go home. Everyone looks on.

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Kairav says Akshu. There is music. Abhir brings a cake. They are given balloons. Abhir dances. Abhinav holds Akshu’s hand. They’re sad. Abhir gives each of them a balloon. He cheers. He tells me I don’t have to go anywhere, which is true. He says Ruhi and I planned this, and Maasi helped us bake the cake. Come, let’s cut the cake.

He takes their hands and says, “Come on.” They are still. They’re sad. Abhir asks what happened, and you tell him that we won the case and that you’ll stay with you. Everyone has to say. He says that he wants to be with his parents. Akshu says, “I’m sorry, but we lost.” Abhir sobs and runs away. She sits and cries. Abhinav runs after Abhir.

The family comes after. Abhir closes the window and door. Abhinav sobs and tells the door to open once. Abhir says, “I won’t go to my real dad. Instead, I’ll go to Kasauli, where Neela and my other friends are. They’ll stop my real dad from coming after me.” Everyone, including Abhinav, tells him to open the door. He asks where Akshu is. Abhir gives the picture a kiss. Akshu sings sunn sunn nanhe….

Abhir cries and says, “Mumma.” Abhir opens the door and tells them that he can’t live without them. Akshu and Abhinav hug him. They’re sad. Everyone feels sad. When Abhir sees a rope, he takes it. He puts it around their wrists. Abhinav asks you what you’re up to. Abhir says, “I’m tying us together with this rope so that no one can pull us apart.” Akshu says to tie it really tight. They’re sad.

Abhir wants to know who my real dad is. He says that his name is… Abhi says that he is Abhir’s real father and that Abhir is going to live with us. Abhir says I won’t visit him at his home. Abhinav told you to leave. Ruhi says that Abhir won’t be happy in this place.

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