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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update for July 3, 2023 on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Abhinav tells Akshu to cry to make her heart feel better. He says, “I’ll go get you some water.” He goes. Everyone, including Kairav, tries to call Akshu. People worry. A football is given to Akshu. She sees Abhir calling her and asking her to come play.

She gives him a smile and walks over to him. Football is what they do. She thinks about him and grins. Abhinav looks for her. Some pots topple over. Akshu doesn’t see.

Abhinav is worried, so he yells at Akshara. He runs. Manjiri tells me to get flowers for the prayer. Abhi sees Akshu and the pots that are falling. He runs away and yells, “Akshara!” She lets the ball fall. Abhi is in sight. She starts to cry and calls for Abhir. She claims that he was here.

Manjiri comes over and watches. Both Abhi and Abhinav weep. Akshu tells Abhir to stop hiding and come out. She thinks about what the judge said.

She says, “I’m alone, and so is Abhir. I can’t live without him because he’s my son.” She sits down and starts to cry. She says that without him, I will die. Abhinav holds Akshu. She says that Abhir tied kalava and asked me to win the case because he wants to live with us, we broke his promise, we couldn’t help him, we are bad parents, we lost him, and I can’t live without him. Abhi goes and puts his hand forward.

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He says that you and Akshu need to be in charge. Abhinav grabs him by the hand and stands up. He gives Akshu his hand. He tells us to go home because Abhir is waiting for us. She asks to be taken to her son. He nods. They go away. Abhi cries.

He says that Abhir was Akshu and Abhinav’s life. He says that we don’t find it strange when the moon is gone, but we can’t wake up without the sun. He says that Abhir is our sun, so how will they live in the dark? Dadi tells Kairav to give Manish another call. Surekha says that Ruhi and Aarohi waited and then left. Manish and Suwarna go home.

Dadi asks them what they want to say. Kairav says, “You’re acting right, I know, Akshu and Abhinav won the case, you’re putting on a show, just like Aarohi and I used to do during exams, and we’d say, “We fooled you.” Manish is asked to say it.

He says that we won the case and that Akshu and Abhinav are now taking care of Abhir. Manish and Suwarna both cry and sign “no.” Dadi says, “No, what happened?” Kairav says you can’t say this, so don’t.

He throws things and cries. He says that Akshu and Abhinav are the best parents in the world and that Abhir is their whole world. Dadi tells him to relax. Muskaan says that Akshu and Abhinav care a lot about Abhir and show him a lot of love, but they lost Abhir. Kairav asks, “How did this happen? Please tell me.

I saw the lawyer hiding the facts. How did Abhi win?” Suwarna tells the whole truth. Kairav says it’s not possible because many people aren’t financially stable. Will the court take their kids and give them to someone else? Is it a crime to be middle class? Surekha says, “I knew that Abhi’s power, money, and status would help him.”

Manish says that all of this is his fault because he challenged Manjiri and didn’t listen to Abhinav. He also says that he took a child away from his parents and that he can’t forgive himself even if Akshu and Abhinav forgive him. Kairav hugs him and says don’t say this.

When Manjiri gets home, he gives Shefali a hug. She sobs. Shefali wants to know what went on. Manjiri says that we got Abhir because the court ruled in our favour. Anand and Shefali are worried. Manjiri asks aren’t you happy.

Mahima says we are happy. Parth brings her along. Manjiri asks Parth what he is doing here since he had already left for Dubai. Mahima says that your grandson is coming and that my son is here. Aren’t you happy? Manjiri asks, “Have you thought about how Shefali will feel?” Mahima wants to know what you thought of Akshu. She talks back to Manjiri.

Mahima says that Abhi is also doing bad things with Akshu, Abhinav, and Abhir. Abhir will be sad here, Mahima says. Manjiri says that Abhir really loves his doc man, so I’m sure he’ll be happy here. Mahima says that the relationship between Parth and Shefali should be given a chance.

She says that if Abhi can get a chance, why can’t he? Manjiri says that Parth shouldn’t be here. Mahima says that Abhi can’t bring Abhir into this house.

Abhir wants to know who my real dad is. He says that his name is… Abhi says that he is Abhir’s real father and that Abhir is going to live with us. Abhir says I won’t visit him at his home. Abhinav says you have to go. Ruhi says that Abhir won’t be happy in this place.

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