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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 27th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

Manish tries to calm Akshu down at the start of the episode. He says that you have to keep Abhir with you because Manjiri will try to take him away. The relationship will last until the fight starts, but once it does, it’s against the law to think about winning. Manjiri says that it’s okay for you and Abhir to stay together. Abhi asks what about the rights of Abhinav and Akshu.

I can’t change what I’m seeing.” He says that this could cause me to lose my son, and that the case is going to court. She says that I did that to help you and Abhir. He says that things got hard. She says, “I trust the legal system, so you don’t have to tell Abhir.” He says that I don’t want to take Abhir from him.

She says that you three can’t split Abhir in half, that nothing will be half, that you will either win or lose. But what you said is true, he says. Surekha says that Manjiri and Abhi won’t back down. She says that a court battle isn’t easy and that Manjiri and Abhi insulted Abhinav’s position the last time. But Abhir stays with Abhinav and Akshu, Suwarna says. Surekha says that Abhinav can’t do anything because Abhi saved Abhir’s life.

Manish says that you and Abhinav brought up Abhir and that I won’t let him leave you. Abhi describes Manjiri. He says, “I don’t want to take Abhir’s relationship away from him. I just want my relationship with him back.” She says that you need to grab.

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Abhi says that Abhinav drove cars to make money for Abhir and that Akshu studied law when she was afraid of this day, so why should we make them worry even more? She tells him off. Dadi tells Manish, “Don’t forget that we have a relationship with the Birla family that will never end. Think about Aarohi and Ruhi.

This could affect them, too. You shouldn’t have told them about court.” Manish asks me if I’m going to let Akshu’s house fall down. Kairav comes. He wants to know what’s wrong. Akshu says, “Don’t say anything. The wedding is over and we were crying. Why can’t I cry happily? Leave it alone. Whether you packed or not, you have to go on your honeymoon.” Kairav says that Neela did tell him about a different rasam. She says that we are making plans for it.

She laughs on Kairav. Abhinav comes and gives the rasam ring. Akshu looks at him. Neela asks about Abhi.  Abhir told me to get them. Manish tells Akshu to start making the rasam, and if they want to come, they can. Abhinav says that Manish is rushing so that you don’t miss the flight. Abhir gets Abhi and Manjiri. The ring goes into the bowl.

Abhinav and Abhir are sleeping because it is night. Akshu sees Abhinav and starts to cry. She thinks back to what Manjiri said. Yeh Rishta is about… She tells lies to get to sleep. Abhinav thinks I can’t say anything because there are only two words on this blank piece of paper: Akshu and Abhir. She is looking at him.

Abhir wakes up in the morning. He puts up a picture of Akshu and leaves. He wants to play football with Abhinav. He wants to know where dad went. Akshu says I’ll give him a call. He looks at the table and sees a letter. He looks at.. Abhir will now live with his real dad, so I’m leaving this house and won’t be back. Abhir wakes up from a dream by crying.

He says it was just a bad dream and that his dad can’t leave him because he loves him very much. He gets up and puts a picture of Akshu in a frame. He tells Akshu to give Abhinav a call. She asks what’s going on, so don’t worry. He says I couldn’t get by without my dad. He worries when he sees a letter on the table. Abhinav comes. Abhir runs up to him and gives him a hug. He asks, “Where did you go?  Abhinav cries. Akshu is taken aback.

Abhir says, “I’ll grow up to be the best son, so don’t leave me.” He’s crying. Abhinav hugs him. He says you are the best kid in the world. Sorry, I don’t get this. Abhir says no, I’m sorry, I should have told you, and I’m very sorry. Abhinav says, “You know how much I love you.” Abhir says, “You also know how much I love you, so promise me you’ll never leave me.” Abhinav looks at him.

Akshu says we can’t lie to Abhir about the court case because he should already know about it. She tells Abhir that your custody case will be heard in Udaipur. Abhinav says that your real father wants to take you in. Abhir says, “Ask me who I want to live with.”

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