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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

Manish starts the episode by saying, “You took this to a whole new level when you asked this couple to break up. Why? Just because your grandson calls Abhinav dad, or because Abhinav doesn’t have a lot of money, a big hospital, or a big business, but he made Akshu happy.” Suwarna says, “We always tried to make you happy. What did you do? You didn’t think of us or Akshu.

You told that to Abhinav. You didn’t talk to us or Abhi. They are all our children. I didn’t expect this from you.” Manjiri says, “Abhinav never stopped smiling. Look at how he’s standing and bowing. I consider Abhi to be my son. You called Akshu your daughter. You should have kept that respect. Leave my family and children. Look at your son. He can’t look us in the eyes. I know Abhi well; he wouldn’t want this.

Why did you do this? You have to answer.” Manjiri says I didn’t say anything wrong. He tells her off. She says that if you listen to me, you can say anything. She says, “I will argue today, you all think I’m crazy, no one has the courage to face the truth, Abhi and Akshu are the truth that we can’t deny, did anyone think of Abhir? How can he live a broken life?

I want him to get both his mom and dad, my heart knows it, my word will come true, Abhi and Akshu will get together and have a family.” Abhi says its wrong. She tells me what I want to hear, which makes things easier. Abhinav is a nice guy, so when he finds out, he will leave on his own, but it will hurt. She says that this can help Abhinav move on because he will have his family and kids. Abhir is his son, according to Abhi.

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She talks about how Kanha ji got love from all four of his parents. She tells Abhi that Abhir is his son. She cries and tells Abhinav ji that he should just accept the truth because she won’t stop talking. She says that Abhir and Akshu make Abhi happy.

Akshu says, “I won’t be divided in this share. This can be your dream, but it’s not Abhir and my reality. You weren’t here for six years. You don’t know how much I love Abhinav, and no one can love us as much as Abhinav did. I don’t want this perfect family with you and Abhi. You broke up with me and kicked me out of the house. My trust was broken.

You won’t find this relationship perfect when Manjiri says, “I know you’ve grown stronger. I wanted to fight the custody case, but Abhi didn’t want me to because he was worried about you and your husband.” Manish and Manjiri have a fight.

She says, “I’m ready if you want this. You told me about the court, and now the decision will be made in court. I will fight for Abhir and Abhi’s happiness.” Manish says to Akshu, “Let the world see what I can do to save my family and children.”

Abhinav says, “I’m sorry, but what are you saying? This won’t happen. I’m not Abhir’s dad, but he is my child, and I will tell him the truth, even though it hurts me.” Manjiri argues. She says I will go to court and fight for Abhir.

He says, “If Abhir wants to know the truth about Abhi, I will…” Manish says, “No, how much will you bend? If a tree bends a lot, people get its fruit. You are the best father, and no one will have a right to Abhir.” Abhinav says, “But this will change how Abhir grew up.” Manish says, “I have a plan.” If Abhi wins the case, we’ll tell Abhir the truth, and Abhir will live with Abhi.

If Akshu and Abhinav get custody, Abhir won’t find out about his real father because no one will tell him. Abhi says no. Manjiri says I accept.

Akshu says we can’t lie to Abhir about the court case because he should already know about it. She tells Abhir that your custody case will be heard in Udaipur. Abhinav says that your real father wants to take you in. Abhir says, “Ask me who I want to live with.”

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