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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update:

Abhi starts the episode by getting coffee for Kairav. If you’ve come for an emotional chat, Kairav declares, I’ll flee. When Abhi asks why, I respond, “You have to follow my instructions and maintain this ritual. Don’t worry; I won’t threaten to break your legs if you bother her; you already know I’ll do this. I’m confident you’ll keep her secure and content.

Perhaps we became older, says Kairav. We are adults now, Abhi says; you will someday grow old with Muskaan. It is morning, and Akshu prays to Kanha ji for the union of Kairav and Muskaan. She thinks about Abhinav’s advice and adds, “Just make.” Fear for Abhinav vanished. Manish notices Kairav, who gives him praise. To converse, they sit. Manish claims that because you managed to persuade Muskaan and her family, you must ensure that you treat Muskaan with respect and care. Abhinav showed Akshu a lot of love; you must now show Muskaan the same.

Kairav begins to chuckle. I’m explaining your duty, Manish adds, and you’re laughing. Kairav apologizes, saying, “I imagined this. It’s not a joke for me to marry Muskaan. I’m worried and careful, and I promise, I won’t ever forget my responsibilities. I’ve seen you and Suwarna having a fantastic time. I’ll stay scared like you are scared of Suwarna. He chuckles. Hugging and blessing him, Manish.

There is a risk of error, according to Akshu. She queries Neela, asking if she removed me because of my blunders. Am I a lousy saas? Neela queries. No, Akshu responds, “You are the best.” Instead, she continues, “I’m explaining Muskaan to accept mistake and say sorry, learn to forgive herself, don’t forget to respect own self, tell Kairav to help you in handling things, you both will handle the marriage together, never leave the job, it will become your strength.”

Muskaan is explained by her. I’m always here for you, she says. Muskaan bows and gives her a hug.

Abhir tries to retrieve a box from the top of the cabinet. He tumbles. Abhi approaches and grabs him. What’s that imp thing, you should have phoned someone, he claims. He inquires about the shoes after noticing them.

Yes, you gave it to me, I’ll wear it on important occasions, and I’ll clean it, says Abhir. I’ll clean it, says Abhi. He forces Abhir to wear the footwear. He promises to be there for you at all times and that if you get harmed, I will too. Abhir says, “I love you, Mumma, Papa.” Abhi beams and gives him a hug. Are you okay, he inquires.

Yes, I shall go to Ruhi, says Abhir. Ahir leaves. Abhi sobs as he remembers what he said. What will I tell him, and I need to speak with Akshu.” Kairav is bound with the pagdi by Suwarna, Akshu, and Aarohi.

Doing his aarti is Suwarna. Yes, Rishta…plays… Everybody beams. They block his terrible vision. My best ladies tying my sehra made me lucky, according to Kairav.

After marriage, we’ll determine who is special to you, adds Akshu. Is everyone prepared, asks Abhinav. Yes, Neela responds, you aren’t prepared because you didn’t put on the pagdi.

He is bound by her. She requests that Akshu mend the Kalki. Akshu heads there to mend it. According to Aarohi, Abhinav is tense over what Manjiri may have told him, whether to tell Akshu, and what to do. Muskaan shows up. Kairav and everybody else grin.

He maintains composure. He protects her from being blind. Plays: Khushiyon de Chadeya. To take the varmala, says Abhir. Laughs, Akshu. Make her put on the varmala, kneel, and bend over, according to Abhi. Avoid doing this, advises Aarohi.

I’m willing to do this for Muskaan, according to Kairav. Muskaan is asked by Abhinav to place the varmala. It’s Muskaan’s turn now, so follow Kairav, says Aarohi. No, we will raise her, said Abhi and Abhinav. Says Muskaan, “Let it be.” Everybody applauds.She is made to wear the varmala by Kairav. We’ll snap a selfie, says Abhir. He takes a self-portrait.

Abhinav considers going to apologize and thank you. Akshara, I have to speak with you right away, says Abhi. He advises that us be honest with Abhir. After bidaai, according to Akshu, I would speak with Abhinav and let him know that Abhir is aware he isn’t his biological father. Abhinav observes in disbelief.

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