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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update on July 17, 2023 on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, everyone dances with Akshu. Plays Hafte me char shanivaar… Abhinav gives Akshu flowers and a smile. People dance. Abhi and Ruhi dance, too. Abhir gets happy. Abhi smiles seeing him. Manjiri is ready to meet them.

She asks where Shefali is and if she doesn’t want to eat. Nishta says that she is eating in her room. Manjiri asks Mahima to think again.

Mahima asks, “Should I go to court? And should the same thing happen to Shivu as it did to Abhir?” Akshu asks Abhir what it was like on his first day of school. Abhir says that anything bad that happened before he went to school was bad.

She tells me that Manjiri is older than me, so she can yell at me, and I should just study. Abhir says that since you are now a lawyer, you should ask the court uncle to give us some time. She sobs.

Abhi says its late. Abhir says, “Yes, I’m going to sleep, too.” They go away. They get back home. Manjiri tells them they need to eat. Ruhi says no, we already had many things, we danced there, and you should have come. Abhir goes. Manjiri describes Abhi.

She says, “I’m a mom, so I’m going to say this: time spent with mom is more important than time spent with dad. Build your relationship.”

Akshu makes a list. Abhinav cleans it off. Akshu asks what did you do. He says I m helping you. This is called help, according to Manish. Abhinav says that a mother wants to do everything, but this wheel will decide. Kairav says yes. Akshu says thank you.

Dadi says that we will always be sad that he isn’t here, but when he is, we should lock away our sadness.

Suwarna says, “Yes, or you’ll never know this happiness.” Akshu says that he will stay here for two days, and we will be with them. Manish says he will only be with you and the other guy. They want to spend time with Akshu and Abhinav. Mahima prays for Shivu and gives him a hug. He hugs Shefali and chases her. Shefali is sad. Parth tells him he wants to meet everyone.

Ruhi comes. He says that you have changed. She says, “I made you the card with the butterfly.” Abhi comes and gives Shivu a hug. He says that you have changed. Shivu addresses him as Sir. Abhi told me to be called Chachu. He talks about Abhir.

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When Abhi gets a call, he leaves. Parth asks Shivu and Abhir to share a room until Parth’s new room is ready. Shivu walks away after stepping on Abhir’s foot. Ruhi wants to know what went on.

Akshu calls Abhi and asks what PTA task Abhir has. Abhi says, “What do we want Abhir to become? It’s easy: a doctor. Oh, sorry, he can be anything he wants. What do you want?” She tells him, “I want him to be a singer.” They fight, and then they hang up.

The kids have fun. Mahima says that the food and chits for the party are here, so have fun! Abhir won’t drink juice. Mahima says Shefali, Shivu is so happy. They are leaving. Shivu tells the kids how to play the game.

He points at Abhir and tells him to say something. Ruhi gets juice all over her dress. She goes to get her dress cleaned. Abhir takes the note and sees that it says “Papa.” People ask him to talk. Abhir says my Papa’s name is Abhimanyu Birla.

He thinks of Abhinav, which throws him off. Shivu asks you why you’re confused and if you have more than one dad. Abhir is made fun of by Shivu and his friends. Abhir weeps and walks away. When Ruhi gets back, he asks where Abhir went.

Shefali cries and says, “I’m a bad mum, and I’m not happy that my son has come home.” Akshu says that you care about him and want what is best for him. Shefali says, “I’m sorry to call you and talk about this, but I want to tell Shivu about Parth and me.” Akshu tells her to slow down.

Shefali says “thank you.” Akshu asks Abhir what he is up to. Shefali tells Shivu and his friends that he is playing with them. Akshu says that it’s good, and that the kids will look after each other.

Abhi says that we are going home. Akshu smiles. Manjiri says, “This doesn’t seem right to me.” Akshu goes to Abhi and asks, “Where is my son? You said you’d bring him home, but he never got here.”


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