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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update on TellyUpdate.in.

YRKKH Written Update

Akshu first sees Abhi at the beginning of the episode. She says you… but not you. He says, “I know it wasn’t for me, but Sharma ji.” Yes, she says. He says it’s fine, just let it go. She says I’m not dropping anything. He watches her. He asks if you’re drinking. She does a play. He is happy.

She says that I, Kairav, and Aarohi went out and drank a lot of mocktails. So, he says, sit down here and he will go get something. She has his hand in hers. Manjiri drinks water. She asks me why I think that way. She has Akshu and Abhi on her mind. Akshu and Abhi shake hands. Manjiri looks on. It’s morning, and Akshu calls for Mama ji. Abhir says that today everyone looks good.

Manish says that we have everything, so just make sure. Suwarna and Manjiri both ask Akshu to look into something.

Akshu says not to worry, everything is fine. Kairav meets Mama ji. Mama ji says he is Muskaan’s would be husband, he isn’t Pahadi. Abhinav says that he is Akshu’s older brother and that his family is from Udaipur. Mama ji says that he has a good attitude, but that his nose is too big.

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Everybody is happy. Neela says that he would be your future son-in-law. Mama ji says he is Muskaan’s choice. Akshu says, “Come, we’re going to do the welcome ceremony.” Everyone, including Manish, gives the gifts to Mama ji. The two of them talk.

Neela says that my brother likes to joke around. Manish asks you how you are doing. Mama ji says that no one here ever has knee pain. Surekha says that it’s so hot. She is sitting next to a fan. Dadi tells her off. Surekha says that the fan broke. Abhinav looks at it and says, “I’ll fix it in two minutes.” He tells Abhir to get a tool for turning screws. Manish says that we should go get a fan.

Kairav says that we are going. Akshu gets in the way. It’s cool here; give me five seconds to make it warmer.” She goes to a window and opens it. She gets a wet drape and ties it to the curtain. She says, “Now look, cool air is coming, so be careful or you might get cold.” Surekha tells her thanks. Manjiri thinks that Akshu has become smarter. I didn’t think she would do this, but the truth is right in front of me and I can’t see it. Muskaan gets Dev’s call.

She leaves. Abhinav makes the fan turn on. Everybody applauds. Abhir says, “Good job, Dad and Mom!” Akshu thinks that until we are together, nothing bad can happen. How will I receive money? Muskaan begs for 50,000 rupees. “I’ll be there soon,” Dev promises. Prepare the funds. She replies, “No, thank you.” She is instructed to deliver it to him. She claims I’m bankrupt. When she turns to look, Kairav is there.

He asks if you have to give money to a friend. If you do, he says, I’ll give it to you because I’m there and we’re getting married. She says, “No, I told my friend no, she’ll be fine.” She’s going. He asks her what’s wrong with her. Akshu tells Muskaan, “I was looking for you, you were with Kairav.” Neela asks Muskaan to come soon. Muskaan and Kairav sit.

The gifts come from Mama ji. Muskaan’s father gives her the necklace. Suwarna hands over a letter. Muskaan looks at the cash. She thinks I don’t have a choice, that Dev can come here and I have to give him this money. Mama ji says we will meet again. He blesses Kairav and Muskaan. Abhinav tells Abhir to touch the feet of Mama ji. Abhir falls. He is held by Abhi and Askhu. Mama ji takes off his glasses to clean them. He prays that they will be happy and stay together. He puts on his glasses. Abhinav looks on.

Mama ji says, “I’m sorry, Akshu. I thought you were with Abhinav. Ruhi tells Abhir not to be sad about Kairav’s wedding and to enjoy it. She tells him to wish to meet his real father. Abhir would like. Manjiri talks to Shefali on video call. She says that you were right and that I was wrong not to know about Akshu and Abhi’s love. She says that Mahadev brought them together and that she has seen him happy with Akshu and Abhir.

She says that they ought to be a family. Shefali says, “You were wrong. I was thinking of Abhir, and relationships should be made from the heart.” Manjiri says that they got a second chance because of luck. Shefali says no, because Akshu and Abhinav are married and Abhi and Aarohi are engaged. If you break these ties, it will ruin four lives and two childhoods. Manjiri sees Akshu, Abhi and Aarohi. She sobs.

Abhir tells me that my dad is here. Ruhi says that you and your real dad will yell the same way. They go to Abhi’s house. Abhir thinks that my dad is Doc Man.

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