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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update on July 16, 2023 on Telly Updates.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update:

The first thing that happens in the episode is that Abhi thinks of Abhinav and sends him a picture of Abhir. Abhinav cries when he sees the picture and zooms in to look at the shoes. He asks Akshu if she went to give Abhir his school shoes.

She says I just gave Abhir the shoes because I couldn’t find him. We used to get him ready for school together. He says that Abhi sent his picture and that Abhi looks so good in it. She says, “My son has worn the same shoes.

His smile makes me feel better because I was worried about him and my grade.” He tells her, “I forgot, you should have reminded me.” She says, “If I fail, I didn’t want to make you worry.” He says you’ll do fine. Mahima says Shivansh is coming back.

Shefali asks him why he never takes time off. Mahima tells Manjiri that he is going home for good. For my son’s happiness, I’m bringing my grandson home. You got Abhir for Abhi’s happiness. Anand asks if you’ve talked to Shefali.

Mahima says, “Why shouldn’t I get Shivansh for Parth? Maybe Shefali and Parth will give their relationship another chance. Shefali should be happy, because her son is coming back.” Shefali goes. Abhi says Tai ji… Mahima says you shouldn’t protect yourself if you know what your mum did to Akshu. Abhinav, look at how things went. Akshu gets tense.

She thinks of Abhir. Manish says you’ll get through, and I’m sure you’ll get Abhir here. Abhinav says spot opened. He goes through the list. Akshu moves away.

Abhi says that Shivansh will always live at home. Ruhi says, “Yay, I’ll make him a card with butterflies.” Abhi says that he is Parth and Shefali’s son and that he is two years older than you.

He wants to stay here, and he wants to stay in your room if that’s acceptable. Ruhi thinks it’s fine and that Abhir will like it. Abhir says, “I can’t forget about my sister.” Abhi keeps them from seeing bad things. Manjiri brings them fruit. Ruhi says that Shivansh will be back soon. Manjiri asks Abhir to take it. Abhir backs off. Nishta talks to a friend of hers.

Abhir says, “I remember my mom’s roll number. Could you look it up and let me know if she passed?” Abhi says that she will pass, so don’t worry. Ruhi says I should be happy for her. Abhir says the number on the roll. Abhi says okay.

He checks. He smiles and tells you that your mum has died. Abhir says, “Really, yay, your mother died?” Abhinav says Akshu passed, good job. Everyone gets happy. Abhinav sees Akshu and asks are you not happy. Akshu says, “I was doing this for Abhir, and he is with me. I passed, but I failed. I will celebrate when I get Abhir back. I have to give the real test now.”

Manjiri prays to not lose Abhir. Abhir says, “I’d like to talk to my mother.” Abhi hands over his phone. Abhir says no, I will talk later. Abhi wants to know what went on. Abhir runs. Manjiri tells Abhi, “I know what you’re doing. Abhir will become of Akshu.” He says that Abhir is from Akshu and that she is his mother. He asks, “Did anyone come between us?” He goes. She says that I’m afraid.

At the court, Akshu and the lawyer have a fight. Advocate Nyonika comes in and says, “You’re Akshara Sharma, right? I’m also working on this case. Don’t worry, we’re lawyers, we know it.” Akshu says, “I passed my law school exams, I want to win my child custody case, I had a happy family, but I lost my small world.” Nyonika says, “I understand.

I fought this case too, and my kids were with me. Trust me, I will recheck and file the papers. Make your love your strength. If a mum doesn’t win at the end of the battle, then think the battle didn’t end.” Akshu smiles.

Aarohi says, “I talked to Abhir, but I’m not sure if he’ll agree.” Manjiri says don’t force him. Abhir comes to the door and says, “I’m ready to see momma.” Abhi smiles. They get back home. Akshu turns around and runs to look. Abhinav looks on. Abhi gets Abhir. Akshu opens arms. Abhir gives up and feels bad. She says, “I know you’re mad, take a break for a while.”

Abhinav and Akshu cry as they hug Abhir. Yeh Rishta is about… Ruhi jokes. Abhinav says stop it now. Abhir tells both of you to stop crying. He cleans away their tears. Aarohi gives Akshu a hug and a congrats. She asks me how I got so much work done.

Akshu says I’ll never get as tough as you. Ruhi says, “Congratulations! Let’s have a cake.” Akshu says next time. Manish says that today is our chance, so we will have a party and eat cake. The cake was cut by Abhir and Akshu.

Everybody applauds. Dadi says that now that we have a lawyer in the house, we can fight with anyone. Manish laughs. Abhi says congrats. Akshu thanks him. Surekha says to hurt and then put on the medicine. He is a good doctor. Abhi says, “I’m sorry. I found out about mom. I can’t change what she does, but I can take responsibility for her mistakes. Please forgive her.” I’m sorry, Akshu says, but I can’t accept your apology.

Abhi says that we are going home. Akshu smiles. Manjiri says, “This doesn’t seem right to me.” Akshu goes to Abhi and asks, “Where is my son? You said you’d bring him home, but he never got here.”

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