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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode for today, Written Update by TellyUpdate.in.

YRKKH Written Update

At the start of the episode, Abhi and Abhinav are making kachoris. Manish is happy. Abhi asks what happened. Everything is fine. The man nods.Abhir thinks that other animals should have a chance, too. Ruhi wants to know why horse always. Kairav laughs. Akshu tells Abhir to go get a jar of pickles. Akshu and Ruhi say goodbye.

Dadi says that when Akshu’s grandmother got married, Akshara got her hair done, but she didn’t wear the dress. She thought about what to do so that the dress wouldn’t mess up her hair, so she cut it. Suwarna says you remember Kartik and Naira’s marriage, varmala got stolen. Everyone talks and has fun. Manish says that the varmala was eaten by a camel. Kairav says, “I’ll come walking,” which is great.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Dadi asks whose wedding it was because the bride’s dress had gone missing. Suwarna says Akshu and Abhi. Abhi and Akshu think back to.

Manish sees Abhi and Abhinav. They are Abhir and Ruhi. Manish says that all is well. Muskaan gets Dev’s message. Manjiri sees Abhi and Akshu. What about the bachelor party? He hangs up.

I intended to have a celebration for my bachelor party, but none of my friends are coming,” he laments. What should I do?. Akshu says that we want to be friends with your guys. He says that both of you look weird. Aarohi says they aren’t as good as us.

Akshu says that we’re here to get you. He says no. They fight and have fun. He says I can never go anywhere with Abhinav and Abhi. Akshu says, “I’ll drive, because you don’t know the way.” I want to drive, Aarohi says. Kairav thanks God for giving him such great brothers. Muskaan sends Dev a message telling him not to let anyone else see the video.

Surekha comes over and asks, “What happened? You look scared.” Muskaan says that all is well. Surekha asks you what’s wrong and why you’re sweating. Muskaan looks at what’s been sent. Surekha tells her to take a look at it. Muskaan says that everyone is happy for me because I’m getting married. Kairav, Akshu and Aarohi have mocktails.

He says it was a good idea to come. This is the first time that a brother’s sisters are throwing him a bachelor’s party. They say that he’s lucky. He hears them talk at length about their kids. He tells them to stop, asks what they are doing, and says, “It’s my bachelor’s party, and you’re talking about kids.

Are bros like this? He says, “I love them, but don’t take their name now or I’ll send you back.” He looks at the time and says, “I’ll go to the bathroom and Please return. It’s time to use the loo, says Akshu. He makes excuses. She says that Muskaan won’t sleep if you don’t talk to her, so you should sing her a song. They laugh and sing. He asks, “Are you finished? I have to go.” He goes.

Muskaan gets Kairav’s call. She says, “I was waiting for your call, and Surekha was asking where you were.” She gets a call from Dev. He tells Surekha, “Akshu and Aarohi and I came outside. Are you there? Is Neela around?” Yes, she says.

He tells her, “I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you, and good night.” She sees what the message says. He says that we got married and now have a license. When he gets back, he asks where Akshu and Aarohi went. He sees Akshu and Aarohi dancing to Chumma Chumma… He tells them to quit. They joke on Kairav.

He asks the waiter to come. He wants to know what you gave them. Please don’t pay me.” Kairav says, “I won’t abandon you.” When he sees two guys looking, he tells them, “Look, you scumbags, those are my sisters.” Aarohi says that we’re moms, but we’re hot. Akshu says that we are beautiful and smart because Aarohi is a doctor and is also beautiful. Aarohi says that Akshu makes the best jam in the world and has a good voice. He tells us no, we’re going home.

Akshu says that you are the best mother and that I am the best sister. Abhi asks if you have heard of Akshu. Abhinav says no. Abhir asks Ruhi and me how we will live without our mothers. Kairav isn’t here, so he must be with them. Kairav goes home by car. Akshu tells Aarohi that someone is following us and to call the cops. He asks, “What and who?” She says moon. What a creep, says Aarohi. Kairav says God save me. They talk and laugh.

Kairav brings Akshu home. She says we’ll get together. He tells him to stop or he will beat them. She says I m learning law. He tells her to sit down and says, “I’ll get you a glass of water.” She says, “But I have to tell my husband, “I love you.”

Don’t make a scene, I’ll just come, don’t go anywhere.” He goes to get water. He asks her where she went. She goes outside and says, “Today I’ll tell him the truth.” She tells him, “I love you. I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you, but I know that any time is right with you, so I love you.” Abhi turns. She is surprised.

Abhir tells me that my dad is here. Ruhi says that you and your real dad will yell the same way. They go to Abhi’s house. Abhir thinks that my dad is Doc Man.

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