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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 15th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Ruhi sees Akshu and Manjiri fighting. Aarohi asks Akshu to leave. Akshu says that I found Abhir’s shoes. Mahima asks if we can’t buy it for him instead. Akshu says that new shoes give him shoe bite, so I got you these.

Manjiri says that it’s hard at first, but if you stop coming here, he’ll be happy here. Ruhi goes. Manjiri asks her to leave. Surekha scolds Muskaan. Manish tells her to stop talking about it. Dadi says that Muskaan is our bahu, and that when everyone is afraid, she has to take care of things.

Muskaan stops Kairav. Abhinav thinks I can’t say anything because she could have been protected by Akshu alone, but where is she? The shoes are taken by Aarohi. Akshu says thanks. Aarohi tells me to look after Abhir. Akshu leaves. Tut… plays… The new shoes are worn by Abhir. He yells.

Akshu stops. Ruhi says that Maasi came to give you shoes, and Dida is scolding her. Abhir hears that his mum has arrived, so he runs to see. Akshu starts to cry when she sees her dress stuck in the doorway. She goes to look for Abhir. Abhir runs up and calls his mother.

Manjiri fears. Muskaan tells Amma, “It’s my fault. Akshu can’t think of anything but Abhir, and if something happened to Dadi, I might not be able to take care of this family.” Neela says that it’s okay, because everyone makes mistakes. She says to try to learn from them and move on.

Muskaan sees Kairav and ends call. She tells you, “I’ll go get your clothes because you’re running late for work.” He gives her a hug and tells her that not everyone is always right and that none of us are perfect, but he wants her to remember one thing: she is perfect for him.

Akshu goes out. Abhi comes home. He asks if you hurt yourself and where your attention is. She sobs. He asks what happened and if you met Abhir when you came to see him. She says nothing new happened and that everything is old. He asks did Maa say anything. She says that Maa can do anything for her kids, but not every mom can do that; she can’t protect her kids.

He says that Maa has lost Neil. Have you told her you’re sorry? She says that you won the case and Abhir is with you, so don’t take him away from us. He wants to know what I did and if I went to court.

She says, “You’re driving him away, and I’m afraid he’ll stay with you and turn into you.” He says, “He’s already like me, and we can’t change that. I’m his father, so just try to see things from my point of view once.” She says, “I saw your world, and you won’t understand why I’m scared.” He says you can’t feel what I’m going through. She goes away.

Manjiri hugs Abhir. He asks, “Did mom leave? Why did you yell at my mom? You’re a bad person, and I’m sad.” He makes her move. Abhi tells Abhir to calm down and asks, “Would you talk like this to an elder?” Abhir says that you felt bad when I talked to your mum the way I did.

I also felt bad when she yelled at my mum, but no one can yell at my mum. Abhir says, “You guys are nice, you love me, and I love you, too. That’s why I came here to stay. If anyone says anything to my mom, I’ll get mad and stop loving them.” Abhi is anxious.

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Abhir says, “I don’t want this new uniform, so I won’t go to school.” Abhi comes up to him and cups his ears. He says he’s sorry, but it was Manjiri’s fault. Your mum just bought you shoes, and we’re going to school. I’ll get your shoes. Abhir has to wear the shoes.

Abhi thinks I’ve always wanted this, because I’m getting my son ready for school today. He tells Abhir to come down because he has something special for him. Abhir says mumma would be so sad.

Abhinav calls Akshu. Surekha tells Muskaan to get some water, wait, and don’t do anything with it if he goes to get water and sinks the house. Muskaan says I will be careful. Surekha says we don’t want anything to go wrong. Akshu comes home and says, “I was lost and left the stove on.

Muskaan didn’t do that.” Surekha says that she doesn’t need to lie to cover up her mistake because if she does something big, we will all have to pay for it. Akshu says I did it wrong, so why don’t you get it? Abhinav says that Surekha is allowed to tell Muskaan off.

Akshu says, “I really dislike this word.” Listen to me: I made a mistake, but you’re yelling at Muskaan even though she didn’t do anything wrong. This is our problem: you treat me like a daughter and her like a wife. She talks. She says, “I’m sorry this is happening in my house.

We’re educated, so why are there differences between the daughter and the bahu? How would you feel if this happened to Aarohi and me?” Manish says that Akshu is right. Education doesn’t change the way people think. We just think we’re food. If we didn’t think we were food, we wouldn’t hurt people’s hearts.

Dadi says I broke the promise I made to Neela when I said I would keep Muskaan as a daughter. We blamed her for this today, but this also happened to Naira, so Muskaan, please forgive me. Muskaan says, “Don’t say you’re sorry. Just yell at me more. It makes me think of Amma.” Dadi hugs her. Surekha thinks they’ll be sorry in the future. Kairav thanks Akshu.

Manjiri asks how Abhir will accept the new relationship if Akshu keeps going to see him. Abhi says Akshu is his mum. She says it was because of Akshu that he said that. Abhi says, “What would he do? He is your grandson, and you acted like that.

He would think his parents aren’t allowed here. What’s wrong if he writes Sharma ji’s name?” She says you’re wrong about me. Abhi is asked to help by Ruhi. Abhir comes and tells us we have to go to school. Abhi and Ruhi show the best board, all the surprises. Abhir has the board and balloons in his hands. Abhi takes a shot.

Abhinav says that Akshu did well on the test. Kairav says that Akshu is now an attorney. Abhir is happy and says, “My mother did well on the test.” Akshu prays. Abhi brings Abhir back home. Akshu runs up to Abhir and holds out her arms. Abhir gives up.

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