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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update for June 13, 2023 on TellyUpdate.in.

YRKKH Written Update

Abhinav starts the episode by telling everyone about his family. Surekha tells Muskaan, “We’re doing all the work. We’ll decorate the ring on the plate.” Abhinav says that she put it in a locker at Neela’s house and that he will get it when he comes back from the market. Surekha says Muskaan, and I’ll go to the locker and get it. Muskaan says that the box doesn’t have a ring because I lost it. Everyone looks on.

Surekha wants to know if everyone heard it. Neela says she didn’t throw it away on purpose. Surekha says that if you can’t even handle a ring, you can’t handle a family. Neela says that you shouldn’t scold her because maybe the ring got lost. Surekha taunts. Akshu comes and tells him to stop. She talks back to Surekha. Surekha says that there will be a thief if the ring is taken. Abhinav says there are people there, so speak slowly. Suwarna and Dadi tell Surekha to stop because it has nothing to do with money. Dadi says that we are going to get a new ring. Surekha says it’s about money, which is fine, but it’s also about taking care of yourself.

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Akshu gets angry. Abhinav says Muskaan isn’t such a girl. Dadi says, “We know she’s a gem. Muskaan cries. Surekha tells her to stop crying and get to the point by asking where the ring is. Abhi says, “It’s here, Muskaan. You left it in the temple near the idol.

We keep things safe and forget about them when they’re expensive. He can remember that they gave him the ring. Ruhi says she’s sorry, but we took this ring and left it with our toys. Abhir says that we will get in trouble if we don’t give them the ring. Abhi makes them promise. They say that we promise not to do this again. Akshu gives Surekha the ring and tells her that it wasn’t stolen and that she should keep it safe or else she might be blamed. Abhi is thanked by Abhinav and Neela.

Manjiri chases after Abhir and asks him to give him his medicine. Abhir says that if I run fast, you can’t catch me. She says, “Turn around and look back. I’ll be there.” The woman asks if you are the son of Sharma ji. Abhir says yes. He has the people over. Muskaan remembers Surekha’s words. Abhi, Abhir, and Ruhi come to cheer her up.

They wear masks with smiles on them. The kids tickle Muskaan. Kairav and Aarohi look on. He says, “I can’t believe Surekha did this. I’ll talk to her.” She tells him to stay with Muskaan and that she will talk to him. He thanks Abhi for standing up for Muskaan. Abhi says, “I did this for Muskaan. Talk to Surekha once, because this doesn’t look good.” He says we’ll go get Muskaan’s favorite flavor of ice cream. They go away. Muskaan says sorry. Kairav says that you always write “sorry” on a book. She wants to know why you’re saying this. He tells her that if she doesn’t smile, he will tickle her. Now is their chance. He kisses her. She feels shy when she talks to him. She gets a hug.

Abhinav says he doesn’t know how tomorrow will go. Akshu gives him food and says, “Guest will say I don’t care for you because you’re so skinny.” She makes a joke and tells him to loosen up. She says everything will be done with us. He says you should also eat, or else people will say how skinny you are. It’s morning, and Dadi says, “I got ready on time. Hurry up, mahurat is in an hour.” Abhinav says not to be afraid. Abhi’s family is ready. Manjiri gives them kajal. They say thanks. Suwarna puts the kajal on Kairav and Muskaan as she hugs them.

Everyone gets a juice drink from Abhir. Ruhi says that I will do it, too. Aarohi says you can’t do it; you have to decorate the flowers. The women thank Abhir and say that he must be Abhinav’s son because he is smart like his father. Abhinav says that he is my son, and Akshu is my wife.

The guests talk about Abhir and say that he is the son of Sharma ji. Manjiri says that he is not Abhir Sharma but Abhir B… Akshu says that he is also Goenka and that he is my son. Abhir Goenka, you were going to say this, right? Abhi looks at Manjiri. She’s going. Akshu cooks prasad. She says Abhir would have found out the truth about what happened today. Her hand gets burnt. Akshu’s hand is put in water by Manjiri, who comes to help. She is going to get some toothpaste.

Recap, Akshu says, “I couldn’t ever tell you I love you.” Abhi turns. Manjiri watches and weeps.

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