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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update for July 13, 2023 on Telly Update.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update:

Abhi and Akshu start the episode by telling the teacher about Abhir’s happy family. Principal says we don’t even let a 6-year-old change sections, but he’s changed his house, father, and whole identity, and his heart is broken. Abhinav sees Abhir. Ajnabi se hue kyu pal saare…plays… Abhir sits there upset. Abhinav cries and does what he does. He asks if we can chat. He says that you like being there and so does Ruhi.

Abhir says no. Abhinav jokes. Then he starts to cry. Abhir laughs. Abhinav laughs with him and gives him a hug. Hai kya ye ankahi dastaan…plays… He laughs around. They have fun.

Akshu and Abhi look at each other. Abhir says, “That’s enough, Papa, my stomach hurts.” Abhinav says, “I’m your Papa, and I want to see you laughing, so laugh more.” Akshu says that Abhir is very hurt and has a deep wound, but he has three parents, so we can do anything to make him laugh and wipe away his tears. We want to make him smile, and we won’t fail at this. Abhi says yes. Abhir asks am I a bad boy. Abhinav gets sad.

Abhir says, “Take me to Kasauli. I’ll be happier there if I stay with you both.” Abhinav says that kids are like butterflies: they find their happiness, and so will you. Abhir gets a hug. The peon says that a child is inside. Abhir goes. Abhinav says that I made him laugh, then cry, then laugh again. Abhir gets permission to come in and does so.

He is sitting. Principal asks him about his favorite subject. Abhir says that I’m good at everything. She asks if you are happy in your new town and school. Abhir says, “No, but I’m a kid, and a kid’s heart is like a butterfly; it finds happiness.” Abhinav gets sad when he hears this. Abhir says that I will be happy in the future.

She says, though, that it’s hard to leave behind old friends and memories. I’m learning it, he says. She says, “That’s right, good job, and welcome to Udaipur International School.” Abhi says thank you. Abhinav and Akshu smile. Abhi takes the list of books and clothes. Abhir can start school tomorrow, says the principal.

Abhi says that he has been accepted, that school starts tomorrow, that I need to buy books and an outfit, and that we will leave. Akshu says, “Wait a minute. I got jam and your favorite homemade chocolates for you, and Abhinav got you this gift.” Abhir doesn’t take it.

Abhinav asks, “What’s going on? You seem to like these things.” Abhir says that the director asked him to change his habits, so he wants to stop eating jam. He is going away with Abhi. Akshu drops the box and starts to cry. bin tere…sings…

Abhi says to you at home that you miss your mom and dad. Abhir says, “I’m good.” Abhi tells a story to go to sleep. Abhir says, “I don’t want to hear it any more, good night.” Abhi asks God to help Abhir. Akshu says that tomorrow is Abhir’s first day of school.

She talks to Abhinav. She says that I will go the next day. He says that we know everything there is to know about Abhir, that it’s Abhir’s turn to be Dadda, and that we shouldn’t get in the way because everything will be fine. It’s morning, and Akshu is making breakfast.

Muskaan says that Akshu and Abhinav used to be in a hurry on Abhir’s first day of school. They would go and drop him off, but… Manish says that they are not with him right now.

He says that you are cooking for Abhinav and not for him. Akshu says that everyone can use it. Muskaan says it was made for Abhinav in particular. Akshu asks if he can tell Suwarna about your trouble. Manish says that she is trying to scare us, so we will make our favorite meal.

Akshu smiles. Manjiri tells Kaka, “Every day, the tiffins for my two kids will be packed.” She gets a call from Abhi. He tells Ruhi, “I’m leaving the hospital. Find out if Ruhi is ready.” She says, “Come soon, I’ll get them ready.” Abhi thinks, “This is just the beginning. I will make Abhir’s first day of school special.”

Akshu tells us not to send Abhir away from us. Abhi asks me whether I went to court. They disagree. She says, “I’ve seen your world, and I’m afraid for my son because of it.”

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