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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.in for June 12, 2023.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update

The show begins with. Abhi said no to making jam for you. Congratulations and goodbye. He leaves. Aarohi apologises and says she thinks the user was expecting someone else. She admits she is not good in the kitchen. Akshu thinks you can do it easily. Give it a try. Aarohi thinks you’re concerned about Manjiri’s arrival. We’re both in the same house again, and our connection to it hasn’t changed.

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There’s nothing more to say or hear. Abhinav plans to put 500 rupees in the envelopes. Neela is ironing the notes. Akshu arrives and observes them. She thinks that the notes and ring won’t make a difference if you don’t trust her. Abhinav trusts you and your family because they are kind-hearted. He only has one sister and he wants to do this on his own. Please let him do it.

Neela thinks all sisters should have brothers like hers. Abhi receives his bed sheets and blankets. Akshu sees someone sleeping and asks who it is. He told me that he gave his room to Neela’s relatives. She says you paid rent for the house, so you can’t stay here. He asks if he can sleep near the window. She says you’ll feel cold and your back will ache. Abhir and Ruhi singh “Dida is coming.” Abhi said, “I know Mom is coming. You won’t have any problems because of her.” She says she’ll make sure there are no problems for her.

In the morning, Akshu performs Manjiri’s aarti. Abhi hugs Manjiri. Suwarna is warning Surekha. Abhir and Ruhi hug Manjiri. Abhir is glad you’re here. Manjiri thinks you are both nice. Muskaan is searching for the ring. She asks where she kept the expensive ring. She talks to God. Abhi tells Manjiri to come to the hotel and rest. Manish wants to know if she can live in the house next to ours. Ruhi says there’s nowhere to sleep. Manjiri says it’s okay. Abhir invited you to stay with us. She refuses. 

Akshu said you’ll be happy staying here with us. Everyone asks for Manjiri. Manjiri told me I have to agree. Abhir and Ruhi give her a hug. Muskaan asks what will happen next. Kairav asks if we should go on a date. She screams and gets scared. She looks at him. He asks if everything is okay and what happened. She says Neela asked me to do something. She leaves.

Aarohi feels like she focused on the family after Neil left, but they didn’t prioritise her. She can’t make them care about her and wonders if she doesn’t belong there. Manjiri looks at the room. She looks at a picture of Akshu’s family. Abhi comes and sits, massaging her foot. He asked about your trip and is glad you’re here, but… She came to meet Abhir, not for Kairav’s wedding. 

The speaker also came to meet Abhir. Abhir is doing well and it’s a good time to tell him the truth. He says you can hang out with him, but don’t tell him the truth. He goes outside and sees Akshu. She is thankful for this decision. He says we need to inform Abhinav first. She said she’ll tell him after the wedding because he can’t handle it. Abhinav listens to them talking about children.

Neela told Muskaan that Akshu said she has the engagement ring. Manish and Suwarna got the engagement items and want to keep the ring with them. Muskaan is crying. Neela asks why you’re crying. Abhinav asks why you’re crying. Muskaan said, “I misplaced the ring.” Neela thinks the ring is very expensive. He said to relax, keep it a secret, he will take care of it, and asked for a picture of the ring. She says you can’t buy the new one. Neela says we cannot purchase it. 

He thinks people will believe Muskaan is careless, but I will get the same ring by tonight. Surekha is watching. Manjiri goes to the kitchen. She looks at the ration list and wonders how Akshu manages with so little. She smiles when she sees the note in the rice box and says it’s the best way to save money. She sees everyone is happy. She sees the ripped tablecloth. She goes out and hears Akshu talking on the phone about a jam order. Akshu makes flower necklaces and mixes the jar of jam. She sees Manjiri behind her. Manjiri leaves.

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