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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update for July 12, 2023 on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the start of the episode, Abhinav is crying and thinks about Abhir. Akshu asks, “Who told you that you’re not his dad? A piece of paper can’t decide that. A relationship is strong when a heart is hurt, and both of our hearts are hurt very deeply.

You are his dad, but Abhi is his biological father.” He says, “I’m not related by blood. I’ve given Abhir my name and raised him, but that’s not enough. If it were, my son would have been here.

I have no right to Abhir now.” She says no. She gives him a hug and tells him that Abhir found out that Abhir is his dad, but he wanted to stay with us. We can’t lose, she says, because the fight isn’t over yet. He asks, “What do I do? My faith is shaky.”

She says, “I understand how you feel, because anyone would have felt the same way if they were in your position.” He says, “It’s our tears, and we have to wipe them away. Pay attention to his interview. They should let Abhir in. Do your interview well, and best of luck.” He goes. She makes him stop.

She tells him, “I won’t go alone. You’ll come with me. School should know that you’re also Abhir’s dad and that you’re my husband. You give me courage, so you’ll come.” Ruhi and Abhir have a talk. Aarohi comes over and asks, “Who wants to play a board game?”

Ruhi says I will play. Abhir says, “I’m not sure how to play this.” They show him how to play. Manjiri comes. Ruhi wants to play with her. Manjiri says no, you play, it doesn’t look good if adults play like kids. Aarohi says that I can’t ignore Akshu and Abhinav’s pain, and it’s too bad that you can’t understand how sad Akshu is after Neil died.

Akshu says that Abhir would be very worried because he has a new house, a new family, and a new school. He also has no one to help him, so if I make a mistake, it will be a big deal. He says you are the best mum in the world.

Akshu says sorry, I don’t even get a fake smile. He says that if we don’t improve our finances, we’ll lose again, so we both need to work hard. She tells us that we can’t make so much money. Abhinav says, “No, we need to work to show the court that we can take care of our son.” She tells him yes, and they hug. She says that we will take this test and make money to pay for Abhir’s return. I hope tomorrow goes well.

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Abhi and Abhir go to school with them. Akshu and Abhinav are eager to see Abhir, so they wait for him. He asks am I looking good. She says you look smart, am I looking good. He nods. They’re happy. She tells him, “I have jam for you; may I give it to you?”

He says yes. She says that I also got chocolate. He says that I got him laser lights and that school called Abhi. He wants to know if it will be a problem if I come too. She says, “No, you’re his dad, don’t worry.”

When they feel Abhir, they turn to look. When they see Abhir, they start to cry. Abhi says that if you don’t know what to say, you should just say “I don’t know.” Abhir says Dadda, loosen my tie. Abhinav starts to cry and thinks of Abhir. When Abhir spots them, he waves. He thinks about what they said and feels sad. Abhi smiles when he sees them.

They ask Abhir if he’s okay, how he likes his new room, and if he got a good night’s sleep. She thinks that if I hug him, he will lose his nerve. Abhir says yes, I m fine. The headmaster called you and asked if you were Abhir’s parents. Abhi says yes. Abhinav says you go. Peon says that the child will be called later. Abhi and Akshu tell Abhir to stay with Abhinav. It’s over.

Akshu can tell that Abhir is mad at Abhinav. She thinks that Abhinav will always be Papa to Abhir. The principal asks you why you want to move. Abhi says that he and Akshu used to live in Kasauli. She says that you must mean that Mrs. Birla worked there in Kasauli.

Akshu says, “I’m not Mrs. Birla; I’m Mrs. Abhinav. My ex-husband, Abhi, and I got divorced six years ago. I married Abhinav, and we raised Abhir well. The court gave custody of Abhir to Abhi, and Abhir will live with him now, but the court said we can see him on weekends.”

Akshu tells us not to send Abhir away from us. Abhi asks me whether I went to court. They disagree. She says, “I’ve seen your world, and I’m afraid for my son because of it.”

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