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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode, Written Update for July 11, 2023 on Telly Updates.

YRKKH Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Abhinav asks, “Why are you saying no?” Akshu says that he took away my happiness, but he didn’t stop my son from playing, so I won’t sing the aarti. Manjiri says we will start the aarti now. Akshu’s aarti is sung by Abhir.

Abhi remembers Akshu. Everybody applauds Abhir. Ruhi says you have a great voice. Abhir thinks my mother can sing better than I can. Anand says that Abhir sings so well that it’s time to do the aarti.

Abhir leads the kids in the aarti. Abhi tells Abhir to call him Papa. He says, “I’m sorry. You can call Abhinav “Papa,” and you can call him “Dad” or “Dadda,” or whatever you want. Doc Man is fine.” Abhir says Dadda… Abhi gives up. Everybody is happy. Abhi hugs Abhir. He’s happy to cry.

Akshu gets Kairav and Muskaan somewhere. They ask where you’re taking us because it’s dark. Lights on, says Akshu. They see the set-up for the lovely date. Abhinav says that the place is good for a date. Kairav says there was no need for this. Abhinav thinks it’s important.

Muskaan asks how we can be happy if everyone else is sad. Akshu says that sadness will come and go like family. He says that you should try to be happy so that we can be happy for you. Kairav says we know what you are going through. Akshu tells Abhinav, “You take care of yourself. Abhinav and I will take care of each other. You two take care of your relationship.”

Akshu and Abhinav leave. Kairav says that we are lucky to have such caring brothers. They keep the bad sight away. Abhinav is ready to help. He says it’s fine to have a small house, hurry up, and thanks. Turning around, he sees Manish.

Manish asks, “What did we do wrong? Why are you punishing us?” Abhinav says, “Don’t get mad, but how long will we be a burden on you? We came here to take Abhir with us, and we’ll stay in Udaipur for his sake. Don’t stop me in Sasural.” Manish says that you put us on the outside.

Abhinav says I didn’t mean to say that, but we don’t know what’s God’s plan, how long we need to stay here. Manish says that a person can live in his own house as much as he wants, and if a bahu can become a daughter, why can’t a son-in-law become a son? He also says that we will always be together and that you won’t go anywhere. Abhinav tells you that you are the reason why Akshu and I are still strong. Manish says, “I can’t forgive myself if you leave.

I told you about court, and I feel bad that Abhir isn’t with us. Don’t leave me, or I won’t be able to look you in the eye.” Dadi and Suwarna look on. Manish says he’s sorry. Dadi says Abhinav has to listen to me, and Akshu and Abhinav will stay with us. d The a .

Surekha watches and says, “It’s a Dharamshala, so we’ll call Neela and the neighbours, too.” Abhinav says that we’ll stay right here. Manish says that we can’t feel your pain, but we can help each other get through it. He hugs Abhinav.

Akshu makes food and jam. KK K’s “K Kid Kidd Kidd Kd Kiddi. She says, “This is for Abhir. I made it.” Muskaan says Abhi will take care of Abhir. Akshu asks how will he get jam. Abhir’s mother gives him oats. Ruhi jokes.

Mahima told me that Parth will start working at our hospital today. Anand asks, “Why are you asking me? You’ve already made up your mind.” Abhi gets bread and jam. He says, “I’m sorry. I bought this at the market.” Ruhi says that we can ask Akshu to send the jam. Abhir says, “It’s fine, I’ll eat this jam.

Dadda, I want a piece of toast, but if not, it’s fine, I’ll eat this.” Aarohi says, “I’ll make it for you. No one can make food like my mom, and I know how she toasts bread, so I’ll do it.” Abhir says that I can still have it. Manjiri asks did you fill the school application form.

Abhi says yes. She says he will be able to come in. Abhir says I need to go to a different school. Abhi says that your mum will also be at your interview. Abhir smiles and thinks, “Tomorrow I’ll see my mother.” Manjiri fears. Abhi sends Akshu the school form.

She fills it in with her picture. Abhinav comes and starts to cry. She says that I filled out his application. He says that you are still Abhir’s mother, but that I am no longer his father.

Manjiri tells Abhir that his father’s name is not Abhinav but Abhi. Akshu comes. Manjiri tells her off. Akshu tells Abhi that he shouldn’t send Abhir away from us. She says, “I’m afraid he might turn out to be just like you.”

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