Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode, Written Update for July 9, 2023 on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Arjun tells Birju that he will find out who paid him to put a bomb in Samrat and Nayan’s car if he doesn’t tell. Birju says that madamji paid him a lot of money to kill Samrat and Nayan because she is very powerful and important.

Kashvi keeps telling her to say her name. Before he could take Nitya’s name, Nitya shoots him, killing him. Arjun and Kashvi can’t believe what they see. Kashvi hears footsteps and runs in the direction of the sound.

She finds a piece of sari and is shocked to remember that Nitya is wearing the same sari today. She asks herself if Nitya were here. The police get there. They are taken in by Kashvi. Inspector sees Birju and says, “This is the same murderer. How did he die?” Arjun says they found him at a stall and followed him here.

After being questioned, he was about to say who had paid him when someone shot him and ran away from the window. He is asked if he told the name. Arjun says no. Kashvi gives the inspector a piece of the sari and says that she found it at the window when she was following the person who killed Birju.

Arjun also recalls seeing Nitya wearing same dress. He asks her if she knows whose sari it is. Kashvi says no. Inspector tells them to let him know if they find any more information.

Arjun asks Kashvi nervously, as they drive back home, if she is also thinking the same thing. Kashvi says that since Nitya and Nayan are best friends, Nitya can’t kill Nayan. Arjun says that Nitya told him that she had taken over a plant last week.

When she went there last week, maybe her sari got stuck there. Birju told Kashvi that madamji is very strong and influential, says Kashvi.

They get there. Jagadish gets mad at them for leaving the house late at night without telling him. Arjun says they went because they had important work to do. Even Nitya, says Jagadish, was not at home.

Nitya walks in wearing a nightgown and explains that she was sad thinking about her best friend and went to the lake to cool down. She is late because her car broke down. Her helper, Mr. Sharma, walks in and says that he had a mechanic tow her car to a shop, where it was fixed, and then give it to him. Nitya says thank you.

Jagadish asks Arjun to explain why he did what he did. Arjun tells the whole tale. Nitya acts worried and asks why they went there, assuming that the thief hurt them. Jagadish asks Birju if he told the person who hired him who he was.

Arjun says that Birju was killed before he could say who he was. He was killed before he could say the name. Nitya cries because she has already lost Nayan and Sam and can’t lose them again.

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She says that they shouldn’t take such a risk. Jagadish tells them to go to bed and get some rest. When he got back to his room, Arjun thanked God that the piece of sari wasn’t Nitya’s because she was at the lake. Kashvi says that they can’t say that it’s not possible.

Arjun says they will ask mom for help because she has a lot of power and can help them find the person who did it. Kashvi says no. Arjun says that they will talk later.

The next morning, when Kashvi wakes up, Arjun is sleeping on top of her, holding her close. She moves away from Arjun. Arjun wakes up yelling that an earthquake is happening.

Kashvi says he was sleeping with his arms around him, so in a panic, she hit him and pushed him away. Arjun tells her that she was crying in her sleep because she missed her father, so he had to hug and calm her like a child. Kashvi thanks him.

The start of their nok jhok. Kashvi gets angry and leaves. Arjun thanks God that she’s back to normal and thinks that they had to fight to get her back to normal. Kashvi’s maid asks her to give her her dirty clothes to wash since Nitya has already done so.

Kashvi takes the bag of cloth to look at Nitya’s sari. She is relieved to see that Nitya’s sari is still in one piece, and she thanks God that Nitya is not that madamji. Nitya looks at her from the back.

Kashvi looks at the box Sam gave her. Arjun’s friend asks him why he married Kashvi when he loves Mahima. Arjun tells Jagadish that he doesn’t want to see Kashvi’s face because it makes him think of Mahima’s betrayal. When Kashvi hears that, she feels sad.

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