Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Kashvi tells Arjun that she has been waiting for her father for years and that when he was near her, she couldn’t hug him or call him dad. She says that during her muh dikhayi ceremony, when she called him “papa,” he got upset. She won’t give up until she goes to Samrat’s house and feels his presence. Arjun takes her along.

A guest at Sam’s house asks Romila if she knows who set off the bomb. Romila says, “How will they know? Nayan came from a middle-class family and didn’t have any enemies, but Sam was rich and must have had a lot of enemies.”

When Kashvi comes in, she tells her to stop talking badly about her father. Romila asks papa? Nitya stops Kashvi and tells her that no one should know that Samrat was her real father. She tells Romila to stop trying to make trouble. Romila says that she was correct. Daadi tells her to stop for now so that the two souls can rest in peace.

Nitya brings Kashvi and Arjun into a room and tells them that no one should know that Nayan’s real father was Sam. Kashvi asks her if she was aware of it. She says that Nayan told her about it. Kashvi says that Nitya and Arjun knew about it, but her parents didn’t tell her. Nitya says that they wanted to do it after her tests because they didn’t want her to be stressed out.

She acts like she’s crying and says that her best friend died and that she wants everyone to remember her best friend as she was. Kashvi tells her that he wants her to find out who set off the bomb. Nitya says that she has sent her best team to look into the situation.

She makes Kashvi feel better and tells her to start calling her “mummy” instead of “aunty” from now on, since she is also like Kashvi’s mother. She asks Arjun to take Kashvi out.

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Once they’re outside, she smiles and picks up Samrat’s picture. She laughs and says that he wanted to send her to jail, but she sent him to heaven instead. Unfortunately, her best friend also had to die because she was in the car with Samrat.

She talks about how she had her assistant fix a bomb that was in Samrat’s car. She then calls another assistant and asks him if he deleted the CCTV footage from Samrat’s house. Aide says yes. Nitya thinks she got rid of everything that could be used against her.

Veera brings vada pav for Mahima. Mahim has a temper tantrum and says she doesn’t want a bun or aloo bhajia. Veera says it’s vada pav, which is what many people in Mumbai eat for lunch and dinner, and she can take it or leave it.

Mahima thinks she needs money because she can’t live on this grass. She picks up the phone to call Samrat again and threaten him, but is shocked to hear that Samrat and Nayan were killed in a bomb blast. Mahima is sad because her mother has died, so Veera tells her that she should go home. Mahima says that Nayan was not her mother, but she will go back home to get people to feel sorry for her.

Kashvi meets Samrat’s lawyer, who gives her Samrat’s things. He says that Samrat asked for it to be given to her if something bad happened to him. He also wanted his land and money to go to her instead of a charity. Kashvi says that even the lawyers knew about it, but she did not.

The lawyer says that Samrat wanted to tell her, but after what happened with the chandelier, he was afraid. Kashvi tells him to give Samrat’s money to a good cause and takes his things. She goes back to her room and is getting ready to open the door when Arjun calls her down. She puts the box in her closet and goes downstairs.

Inspector comes to see them and tells them that they don’t think Samrat’s death was a plot. Kashvi says the house is full of CCTV cameras. Inspector says that all of the CCTV videos have been erased.

Kashvi says that only her family knew about the cameras, so this was definitely done by someone she knew. He says that she is right. Kashsvi tells him he needs to find out who it is. Inspector says that they found out something. Nitya gets tensed.

Inspector says they found CCTV video from the house across from Samrat’s and saw who put the bomb there. Kashvi says that getting justice for the murder of her parents is her life’s goal. To cheer Kashvi up, Arjun takes her out.

Kashvi finds the killer and chases after him. He talks to Nitya and asks her to help save him.
Nitya points gun at Kashvi and Arjun.

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