Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 4th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode 4 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

When Kashvi comes back to life, Samrat is happy. He is happy for Arjun, Nayan, and the others. Nitya is glad that Kashvi is still living and that Samrat won’t hurt her. Samrat looks at Nitya with anger and thinks she was going to kill him.

He pulls her away and tells her that she tried to kill him by dropping a chandelier on him, but Kashvi saved him by putting the chandelier on herself. He says he has evidence against her and will show it to everyone. Nitya says quickly that she did nothing wrong and that he has no proof.

Samrat says Daljeet aunty gave him evidence against her before she died. He thinks he is scaring her to get her to admit to her crimes, but he doesn’t have any strong evidence against her.

He says he has a video of her poisoning Daljeet’s juice in a banquet hall, and he knows a waiter who helped her serve that juice to Daljeet and loosened the chandelier rope. Tomorrow, he will give all the proof to the police commissioner and make sure she pays for her crimes.

Nitya is angry that she has been kind to him up until now because Nayan just found happiness. She has to kill him now to save herself.

Kashvi’s health gets better. Arjun tells her how much he loves her and how important she is to him. Kashvi asks about Sam and tells him that she feels like she knows him. Arjun says that’s because Sam is her real father and she is the daughter of Sam and Nayan. Kashvi wonders how he knows.

He says that Nayan told him herself, and he apologises to her for telling him this news at this time. Kashvi says she is very happy to know that Sam is her father because she has always felt close to him and called him “papa” instead of “sir” when a chandelier was falling towards him.

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She wants to meet Samrat as soon as possible. Arjun nods and tells her that he will listen to her just like she did to him. She asks her what she heard. He tells her that she is alive again and helps her get out of bed.

When Nayan gets a call from the doctor, he tells Sam that Kashvi is fine now. She says that she is going to go meet Kashvi. Samrat says that he will change his will and give Kashvi power of attorney over his property.

Before, he had given power of attorney to a charity trust because he didn’t have any children. Nayan says we should all go to Kashvi. Sam says he will go to the commissioner’s office and then the lawyer’s office to change his will. He will then meet with Kashvi. Nayana asks him why he wants to meet with the police chief.

Sam says she and everyone else will know soon. He asks Kashvi in a sad way if she will still love him if she finds out he is her real father. Nayan hugs him and says Kashvi definitely will. On the way to the commissioner’s office, she asks him to drop her off at the hospital.

He says yes and walks back to his car. Kashvi goes there with Arjun and calls. Sam asks papa. Sam feels sad when he hears that. Nayan says that it seems like Arjun told Kashvi the truth.

In the background, the song “Ishwar Allah Jitne Bhi Rab Hain” plays. Sam puts out both hands. Kashvi approaches him. Sam’s car blasts. Kashvi is shocked by what she sees and falls to the ground. Arjun gets her to the hospital quickly. She wakes up after a while and remembers the bomb blast. She says she wants to see her parents.

Arjun says that the bomb blast killed them both. Kashvi starts to cry again and says that her dad didn’t want her to know that he is her dad. Arjun says that Sam really cared about her and wanted to tell her soon. Kashvi says that her father was right in front of her, but she couldn’t call him dad or give him a hug.

A friend at Sam and Nayan’s shanti pooja asks Nitya about the explosion. Kashvi tells Nitya to figure out who set off the explosion. Inspector says that the explosion was a planned murder, but thanks to a CCTV camera in a neighbor’s house, they can see who put the bomb there. When Nitya hears that, he gets nervous.

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