Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates for June 24, 2023.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Samrat questions Nitya on his inability to show his daughter his love. He claims that he missed out on seeing his daughter grow up while spoiling her, holding her hand while walking, etc. Nitya claims he can, but after witnessing Aruna’s reaction, he realizes they must exercise caution to prevent further conflict.

Nayan goes outside to verify the arrangements after stating that Nitya is correct. Sam questions Nitya as to why she didn’t approve his parking lot project outside his mall as it will improve business for merchants and others. Because it goes against environmental norms, Nitya says she can’t authorize it. Sam states that he would talk with his management to come up with another solution at that time. They should proceed to begin Kashvi’s muh dikhayi ceremony, advises Nitya.

Kashvi notices Arjun’s assistance as she quickly rushes to put on a sari for the rite. She is asked to say please by Arjun. To remind Kashvi to leave shortly, Nitya calls. Kashvi thanks Arjun for his time. Arjun tries to assist her but is captivated by her attractiveness.

He claims he was blind to her gorgeous, thin waist until now. Kashvi is timid. Arjun thinks she’s gorgeous. He is asked to quit gazing at Kashvi. According to Arjun, a husband may ogle his wife. Kashvi leaves because she feels shy. Her muh dikhayi ceremony begins. Sam, Kashvi’s father, is invited to take part in the ceremony by Nayan. When they heard that, everyone gasped. Sam, according to Nayan, is Kashvi’s father because he is now married to her.

Sam practices a ritual. Kashvi addresses her as papa. Sam becomes even happier and claims she gave him the nicest gift in return. He moves aside, visibly upset. When Kashvi initially called him “mama,” Nayan said she experienced the same emotions.

Arjun’s sadness is noticed by Nayan, who inquires if Mahima is absent. To be honest, Arjun responds sure, but the majority of them are unable to fulfill their desires. He is encouraged by Nayan, who tells him that he is welcome to talk to her at any moment.

Sam gets a call from his manager. Sam claims he spoke to Nitya and learned that she is unable to approve the development of a parking lot due to environmental regulations. Manager claims to have verified all regulations, obtained all necessary authorizations, and sent copies to Sam. Sam examines them and muses.

Leaning over Arjun, Kashvi hears the alarm in the morning and tries to set it off. After screaming that he saw a bear, Arjun awakens. Kashvi claims that she is sounding the alarm. Arjun claims he then actually spotted a bear. Their adorable nok jhok begins.

Since Sam believes Nitya’s office is also located in the same building, he needs to make sure she is not there when he meets with the minister to obtain authorization for development.

Nitya hears from the minister that Samrat contacted him to request authorization for a parking lot. She phones Nayan and accuses her of betraying Sam by backing him. Sam faces down Nayan. Sam promises to let her know the problem. Nitya walks in and promises to do so.

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