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Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kashvi tells Arjun that he doesn’t have to pay for Mahima’s mistake and that he can give the people who are criticising him a good answer. Arjun asks by getting married to her. Kashvi says yes. Arjun asks her how she can agree to marry him if she feels sorry for him and can’t see his pain, among other things.

Kashvi tells him to stop because she knows he is strong and can handle the world, but what about his parents and her desire to marry him? Arjun stands there puzzled. Kashvi says he wants to become a civil service officer to make his parents and ancestors happy. His parents and ancestors were both civil service officers. She tells them that her daadi tried to kill himself to save the family’s honour, and she asks them if their love and wants are more important than their parents’ honour. He asks if he shouldn’t think about what will make her happy.

Kashvi says that she knows he loves Mahim and that he should understand because she is his best friend and cares about him. She finally says that it’s good that Mahima ran away before getting married. Imagine if she had run away after getting married. Arjun cries and asks Mahima why she betrayed him. Kashvi gives him a hug and says, “I know I’m not your second choice, but will you marry me anyway?” He gives a nod. She helps him get ready as a groom again and walks down with his hand in hers.

Imlie 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Romila tells the elders that Mahima and Kashvi haven’t shown up after all this time, so they should tell everyone that the wedding is off. Arjun comes in and says that the wedding is still happening. Nitya asks him if he’s okay. Arjun says yes. Kashvi says the muhurath is still going on and that both the girl and the groom are ready to get married.

Nitya asks, “Are you sure you want to marry Kashvi?” Arjun says that he knows what he needs to know and is ready to get married. Nitya gives them each a hug. Kashvi tells her family that she will soon be at the mandap and asks them not to tell anyone what happened in this room. Romila says, “What if Mahima comes back? Romila asks what they will say when people ask why Kashvi has taken the place of Mahima.

Daadi says that they will put a veil over Kashvi’s face so that no one can ask questions after the wedding. Jagdish says that it doesn’t matter if people ask questions; they should go check on the plans.

Daadi blesses Kashvi. Kashvi sends Arjun to mandap. Nayan and Sam give Kashvi a hug. Kashvi gets dressed. Nayan tells Sam that kids can sometimes handle things well. Sam says that Kashvi is smart, just like Nayan, who puts his family first. He says that Kashvi gave up herself for her family and helped Arjun get ready for marriage. He is excited to tell everyone that Kashvi is his daughter. Nayan says not now, because they need to make sure the wedding goes well. When Mahima is passed out on the road, a taxi driver finds her and wakes her up.

Mahima asks her how she got here and then remembers how thugs beat her up for her jewellery. She finds that her jewellery is gone and tells the driver that some thugs took it. Driver says he told her not to walk on that street, but she didn’t listen. He tells her that he will take her to the police station to make a report. Mahima wants to leave her house first. He says yes and helps her get into the car. She thinks that if she tells Arjun a lie and cries crocodile tears, she can get him to marry her.

Romila tells her family that Kashvi and Mahima didn’t come back, so they should tell everyone that the wedding is off. Arjun and Kashvi share garlands. Mahima comes back and asks Arjun, “When are you going to make me a bride?”

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