Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode 17th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Kashvi gets mad when she sees her college students partying because it reminds her of when Suraj and Pankaj’s friends hurt her. Arjun joins her and tells her not to worry because those boys are having fun and cheering themselves up.

He tells her that he will always be there for her, which makes her feel better. In the background, a love song plays. Kashvi tells Arjun that she is fine now and asks him to stop holding her hand. Arjun says he can, but he doesn’t want to.

She gives him a smile. Arjun gets a call from the inspector, who tells him that Suraj and Pankaj have been caught and that he and Kashvi should go to the police station to take care of more paperwork. Arjun tells Kashvi the same thing and again tells her that he will always be with her.

When they get to the police station, Aruna yells at the officers not to arrest her kids because they did nothing wrong. The inspector tells her to shut up. He thanks Mr. Sharma for telling the police about Pankaj and Suraj.

Arjun asks Sharma how he knew where to find Pankaj and Suraj. Sharma says they forced them to hide in his house and threatened to kill his family. He and his family were in danger, so he went to the police and told them where they were. Suraj and Pankaj say that Sharma is lying and that he is the one who set them up to hurt Kashvi and then let them stay at his house.

Aruna says that her boys never lie, so Sharma must have done something to make them upset. Inspector says her kids aren’t the type to get angry easily or follow orders, so Sharma put his life at risk to get them jailed.

Sharma looks at Nitya and remembers that Nitya told him to get Suraj and Pankaj arrested to keep Kashvi from focusing on them. Suraj and Pankaj are locked up by the police. Aruna promises that she will use Nitya’s professional situation to get them out of jail.

Kashvi goes up to Nitya and tells her that she didn’t think she would lie. Nitya gets worried about finding out the truth and asks what she lied about. Kashvi says that she told her that the commissioner was out of town, but today she saw him.

Nitya tells her to calm down and says that the commissioner was out of town and just got back the day before. She has a meeting with him in the evening to talk about the murder of Sam and Nayan. Kashvi apologises her. Nitya relaxes.

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Kashvi goes back to school. He asked her where she was because he was worried about her. She tells him to calm down while keeping her finger on his lips. He looks into her eyes and tells her how beautiful they are.

Then he gets nervous and says that he is her husband and best friend, so he can talk that way. Then he asks her where she’s been again. She tells you to talk to Nitya. He wonders why?

Aruna cries when she looks at a picture of her boys. Nitya walks up to her and tries to make her feel better. Aruna begs her to let her sons out of jail and tells Nitya that she will leave the city with her sons and never bother her again.

Nitya tells her to clean up and eat, and she’ll figure out how to get them out of jail. Kashvi tells Arjun that she thinks Aruna killed her parents and tells him about the evidence she found against Aruna.

She also tells Arjun that she is meeting with the commissioner tonight to talk about the case. Arjun says he won’t let her go by herself and will go with her because he’s worried about her. When they meet the commissioner, Kashvi shows him all the proof against Aruna.

It’s not enough, Mr. Commissioner, to show that Aruna is guilty. Nitya says she started her research and asked Sharma to find Madamji using her phone number, which she found in Birju’s phone, but Madamji’s phone is off. Sharma walks in and tells Madamji that her phone is on and he knows where she is.

Precap: The police find Madamji’s phone ringing in Aruna’s room and tell the commissioner that she is Madamji.

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