Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode 16th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update:

Arjun tells Kashvi that he’s sorry he blamed her for his pain and that he’ll be the best life partner for her because she’s the best and deserves the best. Kashvi hugs him from the heart. In the background, a love song plays. The next morning, when Arjun wakes up, Kashvi isn’t there. He goes to the toilet and sees her putting medicine on a cut on her leg.

Kashvi covers up his wound and asks him if he wants to go to the toilet. Arjun checks her cut with force and asks what happened. Kashvi says that when she tried to run away, someone hit her with a stick. Arjun says that those boys will pay for what they did. Kashvi tells him to take it easy because Jagadish said he would take care of Suraj and Pankaj. Arjun puts some medicine on her cut while he’s crying. In the background, the song’s main track plays.

Pradyuman goes to the front desk of the hotel and tells Mahima he wants to talk to her. Mahima acts like a professional and tells her that it’s against hotel policy for her to help her personally until her shift is over. Pradyuman is sad as he leaves. Mahima grins.

She tells Veera that she will soon be Mrs. Pradyuman when she asks what’s going on. Mahima tells her that it’s all part of her plan and asks her to wait and see. During breakfast at the Bajwa house, Aruna worries about her sons and yells at Kashvi for making false accusations against her boys and making them run away. He says that they are not innocent.

Suraj and Pankaj are charged with molesting and trying to kill Kashvi. When the police walk in, they arrest Suraj and Pankaj. Aruna yells at Kashvi because, despite Jagadish’s promise, she still filed a complaint against her innocent boys. Arjun says he told Suraj and Pankaj they were wrong after seeing how hurt Kashvi was. Aruna curses him because he tried to get his brothers put in jail.

Arjun says that her boys are dangerous and will try to hurt Kashvi or any other girl if they are left alone. He blames Aruna’s wrong parenting, etc. Aruna keeps yelling at him. Jagadish tries to tell Arjun not to file a complaint, but Arjun doesn’t agree and asks if Suraj and Pankaj are family, then who is Kashvi? Kashvi is their DIL and part of their family, etc.

He gives the officer photos of Suraj and Pankaj and tells him to arrest them as soon as possible. The inspector reassures him, and he and his team leave. Arjun tells Kashvi that they shouldn’t worry about any of this and should just go to a talk. Kashvi feels sad when she sees him stand up for her against his family.

Suraj and Pankaj show up at Sharma’s house and tell him that the cops are looking for them. They tell him that if they are caught, they will tell the cops and their family that Sharma is the one who made them fight Kashvi.

They eat the food Sharma gives them and stay in his house. Nitya finds out about it from Sharma. Nitya gives him a slap for making a mistake and tells him that if Suraj and Pankaj get caught and use Sharma’s name, she will also be found out.

Inspector thanks Sharma for taking Suraj and Pankaj to the police station and getting them arrested. Arjun asks Sharma how he knew exactly where they were. Kashvi asks Nitya why she lied, because she didn’t think she would. Nitya worries about finding out the truth. Kashvi gives the police commissioner proof that Aruna killed her parents and says that she is sure of this.

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