Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Nitya asks Nayan if Mahima and Pradyuman really ran away together. Nayan says yes. Nitya says that Mahima came to her house and asked Arjun to marry her. This means that Mahima had an affair with Pradyuman and that Nayan knew about it but didn’t tell her, even though Mahima had told Nayan not to keep anything from her. Nayan stands silent.

Sam says Nayan didn’t know what was going on. They found out Mahima ran away when Kashvi found Mahima’s door locked from the inside. They all went looking for her and found her gone, even Pradyuman. Nitya says that Sam has raised Pradyuman since he was a child. This means that greedy Mahima left poor Arjun and wanted to marry rich Pradyuman so she could live a luxurious life.

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Nayan says that there is uncertainty, and Mahima will come back. She says it doesn’t matter if Mahima comes back, and she won’t let selfish Mahima ruin Arjun’s life by making him marry her. Instead, she will tell Arjun the truth and let him decide if he wants to marry Mahima or not.

Kashvi tells Sam that she knows what Mahima is like and that she can’t let greedy Mahima ruin Arjun’s life by getting married to him. Sam says that if Arjun and Mahima don’t get married, both houses will lose their honour.

Kashvi agrees with Sam, but she can’t imagine Arjun’s life falling apart. Nitya shows Arjun the letter Mahima wrote to Pradyuman and tells him that Mahima ran away with Pradyuman. Arjun stands crushed. Nitya thinks that Nayan’s family has made them look bad.

She has a fight with Romila. Jagdish tells them to keep fighting if they want Mahima to come back. He says that the honour of both families is at stake, but Nayan’s family will be embarrassed more if the baraat comes back without a bride.

Argument continues. Daadi asks Kashvi to marry Arjun so that they can keep their honour. She talks about how a god wants Kashvi to do jago rituals, haldi rituals, and sangeets with Arjun. Even Kashvi, Nitya says, kept them in the dark. Daadi says that Kashvi did that because she told him to.

Kashvi says that she and Arjun are just friends and that Arjun has never seen her as anything but a friend. Jagdish puts his pagdi or turban on her feet and asks her to respect his dignity because he is a civil service officer and has only gained respect. Kashvi refuses again.

Before the end, Daadi tries to cut her wrist and kill herself. Kashvi stops her, and she and Arjun decide to get married. Mahima walks in while Arjun is getting married and asks when she will be his bride.

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