Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode for June 13, 2023 on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Arjun tells Samrat that he thinks Samrat is a good man and that he doesn’t mind if he makes Nayan happy. He says that if they are happy together, no one should care. Nitya says that society won’t let it happen. Arjun says that since she works for the government, she should be open-minded, just like Kashvi said Nayan has the right to be happy. Jagdish agrees with him and says that every girl should think like Kashvi.

He tells Samrat that they’ll talk about it after they finish the job they’re here to do. Nayan apologises Daadi. Daadi tells her not to make her feel bad and says that she lived alone because she was afraid of society, but Nayan won’t live alone. Nayan and Kashvi give her a hug. Nayan then pampers Kashvi.

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For the jaymala process, Panditji asks for the bride to be called. Kashvi thinks she should tell them that Mahima won’t open the door, so she goes to get her.

Nitya apologises to Nayan for being rude and says she didn’t know how much Nayan cares about Samrat. Nayan gives her a big hug and tells her she’s glad her best friend is back. Nitya says that her best friend will help her and her boyfriend get married after Arjun and Mahima do. Nayan is glad that she thought of her and Samrat. Samrat takes Mahima to a bus station and tells her that they should take the bus out of the city because his car has a tag and Sam will be able to find out where they are.

Mahima says that they can get a taxi and get on a plane to go somewhere. Pradyuman claims Sam handles all the accounts and has stopped all of his bank accounts and credit cards, so he doesn’t have any money. Mahima starts to worry and asks how they will get by without money. Pradyuman says he still has between 50,000 and 60,000 rupees and can get by for a few days. Mahima keeps asking what will happen if she only has 50–60k rs and continues to worry.

Sam’s servant breaks free with the help of another servant and tells Sam over the phone that an overweight boy named Monty tied him up and took Pradyuman away. Sam pulls Monty away and tells him he will call the police on him for breaking into his house and helping Pradyuman escape. Monty says he did what Mahima told him to do and tells them that Mahima ran away with Pradyuman. Sam tells him to shut up and never tell anyone that Mahima has run away with someone else, or he will send him to jail. Monty does agree. Sam freaks out because he thinks that if guests find out, there will be more trouble and Nayan will get a bad name, so he needs Kashvi’s help to bring her back.

Mahima says that she has to work, and if he isn’t rich, she shouldn’t run away with him. Pradyuman says he will work hard, save some money, and start a business. Mahima says that she doesn’t care about his love if he has no money. When Pradyuman hears that, he is shocked.

Mahima says that every girl wants to live a luxurious life, and she can’t live a poor life with him. It’s better for her to choose Arjun now, since his parents have a government job and he has a house and parents. He asks her if she loves money more than him. Mahima knows that money is her first love and that she was with Arjun for money. She will go back to Arjun and marry him. Pradyuman tells her that she can’t betray him and begs her not to leave. He is pushed away by Mahima, who then leaves.

When Nayan sees that Mahima’s door is still locked from the inside, he thinks about asking for help. Samrat tells her that Mahima isn’t in her room anymore because she ran away with Pradyuman. Kashvi is scared that people will question Nayan’s parenting and hurt his pride.

Sam says that they will both look for Mahima because he can’t let Mahima cause Nayan’s neck to bend in front of other people. “How are they going to find us?” Kashvi queries. Sam claims to have rendered Pradyuman’s cards useless, and since autos have trackers, we can easily locate them. Arjun starts to feel antsy and asks Mahima to call him soon. Nitya makes fun of him by saying he looks like he’s going to go get her himself because he’s so excited. Romila thinks that if Mahima ran away with Nayan, she will question how he was raised and what kind of person he is.


A goon kidnaps Mahima. Sam talks to Pradyuman, who tells him that Mahima left him. When Nayan hears that Mahima ran away, he gets very worried. Nitya can hear what they say.

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