Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Episode 13 July 2023, Written Update on Telly Update.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update:

Nitya tells Mr. Sharma, her helper, that Kashvi is giving her a headache. She says she tried to trick Kashvi and get her to focus on Aruna, but she wants Aruna to ask the commissioner to look into the murder of her parents. If she does that, the commissioner will be watching her. Sharma tells her not to worry because he will make Kashvi focus on Aruna’s kids instead.

Pradyuman enters a sauna room. When a machine breaks down, the temperature goes up. When he tries to leave the room, the door is locked. He begs for help and then falls down. When Mahima sees him, she uses her hair pin to open the door and let him out.

Sharma takes Aruna’s kids and their friends to a bar and gets them very drunk. He then makes them angry at Kashvi and tells them that she hurt their mother, so they should hurt her back. Doctor treats Pradyuman and tells him that he should be thankful to the person who saved him because he wasn’t getting enough air in the sauna room and would have died.

Pradyuman thanks Mahima for saving his life and asks how she got there. Mahima says she went to him to apologize again, saw how sick he was, and called for help from the house staff. When no one came, she used her hairpin to open the door and save him.

She says that she broke his heart and that she really loves him, etc. Pradyuman tells him he’s sorry and that they can at least be friends. Then he starts over. Mahima walks out of his room and smiles as she thinks about how she messed with the sauna machine and pretended to save him so she could trap him again and marry him for his money.

Kashvi asks Nitya if she discussed her parents’ case with the commissioner. Nitya tells her that the commissioner is out of the office for two days and asks her not to drag this problem out any longer so that their family can be at peace. Kashvi walks to her room and sits down on her bed.

Arjun asks Kashvi for help to finish his homework. Kashvi tells him that she has already done her work and asks him to do his. He asks her why she is acting strange around him. Kashvi tells him that she doesn’t want to hurt him anymore because her face hurts him, and she wants to be left alone. She puts a blanket over herself and goes to sleep.

Arjun gets mad and asks her what she means and tells her to figure it out. Kashvi says nothing back. Arjun says that he doesn’t want to talk to her either, and he gets mad and lies on the other side of the bed.

Sharma tells Aruna’s kids to tell Kashvi to go to an empty house nearby and beat her there. They yell at them to stop telling them what to do. If they want to know about madamji, they call Kashvi from a PCO and tell her to come to an empty house. Kashvi thinks that she should bring Arjun with her because he doesn’t like her face.

She calls Nitya but leaves her a message when she doesn’t answer. She goes to an empty house where Aruna’s boys and their friends are waiting for her. They accuse her of making a false accusation about their mother.

Before the end of the story, Kashvi fights with Arun’s son and his friends, but they beat her and attack her. Inspector goes to find and arrest Arun’s kids because they attacked and molested Kashvi. Nitya scolds Sharma for making things worse and tells her that if Aruna’s kids are caught, they will use Sharma’s name and expose her as well.

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