Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode, Written Update for June 12, 2023 on

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Romila tells Arjun to tell the tech guy to play the video. Arjun says Mahima should go down first. Mahima will be shocked, says Romila, when she comes down and sees the video playing. Arjun agrees. Kashvi knocks on Mahima’s door, but it’s locked from the inside.

She thinks that Mahima is in the bathroom and can’t hear her, so she goes to find someone to help her open the door. Romila asks the mechanic to play the video, and she remembers that she put her pendrive in Arjun’s pendrive. She is worried that Nayan will be embarrassed at her daughter’s jaymala ceremony. A tech plays a movie. Everyone is surprised when they see Nayan and Samrat hugging.

In shock, Nayan drops a flower thali. Romila says that Nayan is having an affair with Samrat even though her children are about to get married. Aruna also gives Nayan a tongue lashing for saying bad things about her kids’ character when she herself has no character and is a threat to society.

Samrat tells Aruna to shut up and says that he really loves Nayan. He then hugs her and asks her to marry him. Daadi tells Samrat to stop and says that she trusted him completely, but he tried to have an affair with her widowed DIL, which is against the rules in their society because women don’t get married. Nayan asks what time period she is in. Her mother gave up her life for them and never asked for anything in return.

Did Daadi think about Nayan in 20 years and ask her what she wants? After 20 years, Nayan is finally happy, and she doesn’t want anyone to ruin it. She says that Samrat asked her for permission to marry Nayan, and she gave it to him. Daadi tells her to stop giving her advice because she is young and has no right to tell her what to do.

Kashvi says that just as parents can bless their children, so can their children. Romila and Aruna keep yelling, but Kashvi tells them to shut up by saying that they don’t want her mother to get married and that they would have gotten her father married 20 years ago if they had wanted to.

Nitya is against what comes next. She says that they are going to be together soon and can’t take the anger of society. Kashvi lashes her with his tongue because she is a civil service worker and thinks in an old-fashioned way. Nitya keeps fighting against. Arjun sides with Kashvi against his mother and agrees to trade Nayan for Samrat. Drama continues…

The jaymala rite starts when Panditji calls the bride. Pradyuman brings Mahima to the bus stop so they can run away on a bus. Sam finds out that Pradyuman got away. Kashvi tells them that Mahima isn’t going to open the door. Sam tells Nayan’s family that Mahima and Pradyuman ran away together. Nitya can hear what they are saying.

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