Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode, Written Update for July 12, 2023 on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Kashvi figures out that Madam ji is really Bua ji by looking at the saree’s pallu. She sees that the pallu is torn, figures out that Bua ji is really Madam ji, and thinks that papa was right. She thinks Bua ji killed her parents and wants to tell Arjun so he will help her. But she decides not to tell him because she knows how he really feels about her.

She then decides to tell Nitya about it because she thinks Nitya was Maa’s best friend. I’ll tell her that. She heads over to Nitya. Kashvi might have seen the saree I kept in Jiji’s room, according to Nitya.

She remembers getting a similar saree sent to her, so she rips it the same way it was ripped and plans to put it in Jiji’s room so Kashvi can see it and start to question her. She then decides to send Kashvi there so that jiji thinks Samrat was talking about the dangerous woman in the recording.

Pankaj and Suraj yell at Kamla Devi because she doesn’t iron their clothes well enough. Kamla Devi says she’s sorry and that she’s sick today. He tells her to stay home. Suraj says you’re not going to die, so how can you do this kind of work? Kashvi gets angry and hits Suraj.

She scolds them and asks if they don’t know how to talk to older people. She tells them that she is a person first and that they should know how to act. Aruna asks how dare she raise her hand to her son and says that she has never raised her hand to them. She says that their kids now own the house and will treat the Servant like they wanted.

Kashvi says that you favour them, so now I know why your sons act this way. Aruna tells Jagdish that his wife is talking to her and asks if she knows how to speak to older people. Arjun says sorry, but it is Pankaj and Suraj’s mistake.

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He says that Suraj should press his own shirt if he wants to wear one. If he needs help, he should know how to ask for it and how to talk to Kamla Aunty or any other woman. Jagdish says yes. Arjun says that Kamla aunty has worked for us for a very long time. Suraj asks Arjun why he is helping Kashvi when he is already married to her. He tells him not to forget how they met and got married.

Arjun says, “I’m not on her side just because she’s my wife. I’m on her side because she’s right.” Kashvi asks Suraj to apologise to Kamla Aunty. Pankaj asks her if she’s crazy to think that they’ll say sorry. Jagdish tells them to apologise to Kamla and says that she has been working for us for a long time and has even helped raise them, and I don’t want anyone to be rude to an adult. Aruna asks him if he can’t see Kashvi making fun of her.

Nitya tells Aruna that Pankaj and Suraj did something wrong, and she agrees that Kashvi also did something wrong. She asks Kashvi why she raised her hand to Suraj and says that they would have talked to him. She says that she doesn’t want there to be a fight before puja. Jagdish tells them to say they’re sorry. Aruna says, “My sons won’t be sorry,” and then she takes them with her. Kashvi says sorry to Kamla. Kamla goes.

Nitya tells Pandit ji to begin the ceremony. Arjun finds Kashvi’s behaviour strange. After the puja is done, Pandit ji leaves. Kashvi tells Nitya she wants to talk to her. She is asked by Nitya to call her mother. Kashvi tells her that she saw a torn cloth in the almira of Bua ji.

She says that the woman who shot the killer as he was about to say her name was wearing the same saree from which I had found a piece in the workshop. She tells her that Bua ji told the people who killed my parents to do it. Nitya asks, “What kind of nonsense are you saying?” and says that just because you found a torn saree doesn’t mean that Jiji did it.

Kashvi says that her father said on a recording that the dangerous woman is in her sasural. The killer also said that Madam ji gave him the orders to kill my parents, so she might be Bua ji. Nitya looks shocked and thinks that stupid Kashvi has fallen into her trap.

She sees Suraj and Pankaj coming there, so she does something. How can you say that Jiji killed your parents, Kashvi? She says I loved Nayan a lot and that he was my best friend. She says that Jiji can’t do this and that she has been living with us for a long time, so she can’t be blamed.

Kashvi says that Bua ji is a bad person who killed his parents and should go to jail. Nitya says that your grandfather’s recording and torn saree don’t prove much. Both Suraj and Pankaj are surprised and upset. Suraj asks Nitya why she thinks their mum killed someone. Nitya says she killed someone. Pankaj says that this is also our grandmother’s house, so our mother has no right to say anything to her.

Aruna comes back and asks again what’s going on. Suraj tells her that Kashvi thinks she killed her parents and blames you for it. Aruna says, “You’re blaming me,” and she asks, “How dare you?” Kashvi says that she has a video of Papa.

Nitya asks if Samrat has taken Aruna’s name. Kashvi says no and says that Papa has made it clear that the woman is from this house. Nitya says, “I could also be that woman.” Kashvi says that she has already checked her saree and that Bua ji’s saree pallu is torn, which is enough evidence to prove that Bua ji is Madam ji. She says she has told people to kill my parents. Aruna asks her what she is talking about.

Nitya tells Aruna about everything. Aruna tells her that she can say it’s her saree and that her pallu can be torn anywhere. Pankaj says Kashvi has gone mad. Suraj says that her father was a crook who was also smart. Nitya gets mad and asks him how he can say something like that. Suraj asks, “How dare you say that our mother is guilty?” Aruna is told to go to her room by Nitya. Kashvi wants to kick us out, according to Aruna.

Nitya asks her what she wants to do and if she wants to go to the police. Kashvi says yes. Nitya says, “I told you the evidence wasn’t very strong.” She says she will talk to the commissioner and see what he says.

She says, “I want the person who killed them to get a harsh sentence, but we can’t just accuse someone.” She says that we should be careful with every step we take. Kashvi says, “I want the person who killed my parents to go to jail.”

She asks him to do it quickly because she can’t stand to wait. Nitya gives her her word that she will help. She thinks about doing something and worries that Kashvi won’t be still.

Kashvi asks Nitya if she talked to Commissioner before the next part. Commissioner Saheb left the city for two days, according to Nitya. Kashvi says she is going to wait. Later, she gets a call from a number she doesn’t know, which shocks her. She goes to a house and asks if anyone is there. There, Pankaj and Suraj go.

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