Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Episode, Written Update for July 11, 2023 on Telly Updates.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

Arjun is drinking when Jagadish sees him. Arjun says he doesn’t know how to handle his feelings like anger, frustration, sadness, etc. He is asked to talk to him by Jagadish. Arjun says he’s breaking up inside. He’s loved Mahima since they were kids, but she cheated him right before their wedding.

He had to marry Kashvi to save his family’s honour, but he doesn’t love her. Jagadish says Kashvi is a good girl. Arjun says Kashvi is his best friend, tutor, mentor, etc., but he doesn’t love her and hates her face because it reminds him of Mahima’s betrayal.

He can’t tell her how much he hates her, so he acts happy in front of her. He knows Kashvi is in a lot of pain because her parents died, but he can’t help. He drinks to drown his sorrows, etc. Jagadish makes him sit down and tells him he understands his pain, but to trust him that Kashvi is the best girl he could have gotten.

He talks about how he wasn’t sure of himself when he married Nitya and thought he wasn’t good enough for her, but he studied and became a civil service officer so he could look into her eyes with confidence and feel like he was on the same level as her, etc.

He says that Arjun is a brave boxer who has always won his fights, so he is sure that he will win this one too. Arjun throws away his booze and thanks Jagadish. Kashvi overhears them talking and is heartbroken when she finds out that she reminds Arjun of Mahima’s betrayal and that Arjun is happy in front of her.

Nitya walks into Kashvi’s room and wonders why Kashvi was doubting Aruna when she had already lied to Kashvi by changing the proof. She looks in the cupboard and finds the box Samrat gave Kashvi as a gift. When she opens it, she finds a voice recorder with a message from Samrat to Kashvi about a bad woman living in her house. She thinks that Samrat might not have taken her name because he didn’t have a good reason to.

She knows that this is why Kashvi doubted Aruna, and she thinks it’s good for her. She calls the owner of the sari shop and orders one more, saying that her friends liked it a lot and that she needs it by the morning. Kashvi sits on her bed and thinks about what Arjun said.

Kashvi says she is sick and wants to go to sleep. Arjun sees after a while that Kashvni isn’t snoring and is sleeping quietly on her side of the bed. Kashvi thinks she doesn’t want to hurt him any more, so she is holding a needle to keep herself awake and not snore.

Mahima goes into Pradyuman’s room and tells him she’s sorry for hurting him. Then she realises she can’t live without him. Pradyuman gets angry when he sees her and yells that she only cares about money and is back to him because she knows Sam is dead and he got all his money.

Sam’s money went to charity, but his father made him CEO of the company and he now has a lot of money. He tells her not to show him her face again and to leave. Mahima walks away furious.

The next morning, Nitya does pooja at home and asks Kashvi to get a silver coin from Aruna’s room. Kashvi looks in Arun’s closet for a coin and finds a sari she found at the factory. She sees that the pallu is torn and thinks that Aruna is madamji, the woman who killed her parents.

Precap: Kashvi finds torn sari in Aruna’s cupboard and thinks Aruna is madamji. She says that Aruna killed her mother and father.

Kashvi is angry, so Aruna yells at her and asks if she has any proof. Kashvi says that she has proof that she is the madamji who told her parents to be killed.

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