Titli Written Update

Titli 9th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 9th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

Chintu and Dhrishti start the episode by making fun of each other. Hiral says that if you give them the flowers, we’ll feel offended. Titli says that we won’t be offended because the flowers make every event special. Hiral taunts.

Titli says that everything you want will come to you. Hiral thinks that you took something I wanted. Baa tells them to get out quickly because everyone is waiting. Chintu gets Dhrishti a glass of water. He says that it’s natural water. She says thank you. She says normal water doesn’t suit me. So, he says, I got you this.

Bhakti tells Titli to stop working and enjoy the Roka instead. Garv looks for Titli. Chintu jokes. Garv says it’s charming to see Titli acting like they’ve never met before. Titli is here, according to Monica. Garv sees Titli coming.

He gives her a rose and tells her that they are legally bound to each other and that she won’t need anyone else but him. He picks her up. Jaishri tells Titli to touch the feet of her Sasumaa. Baa says Titli, real Sasu. Koel turns around.

Both Koel and Maina’s feet are touched by Titli. She is happy. Also, they smile and wish her well. Garv and Koel sit for Roka. Koel looks at the gold coin and says, “It’s very light, it’s my Garv’s shagun, it’s fine, we’ll keep it.” Someone comes and calls Paresh’s name.

I got the necklace, he says. She says that I will make Titli wear the necklace in front of everyone. He says it’s not real. Koel asks how it could be fake, and Maina says she gave it to me.

She watches Maina. Maina is anxious. Baa says that you wanted to give this necklace to Titli. We gave less gold, but it was real and not a fake. Manikant says it’s Koel’s necklace, not Titli’s, and that we got our bahu a necklace that will surprise everyone.

He points to the necklace. It gets to Titli. Alpa says, “Let’s see what they do now.” Chintu is sent by Paresh. Titli prays everyone likes the gifts. He gets a call from a number he doesn’t know. Ishani thinks he should watch out. Titli wants to know what went on. He says nothing. The gifts will go to Chintu. Alpa says wow.

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Titli 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

Titli talks about the presents Garv got. The gifts are liked by everyone. Bhakti says you didn’t get those gifts. Titli says, “Yes, Garv got these gifts. I told him I didn’t want them, so he asked Baa and Chintu for help.” Paresh thinks that Titli got good gifts for everyone, and it looks like they cost a lot, too. Hiral wonders how this happened.

Bhakti says go and ask Garv. Baa blesses Garv. He thinks back to when he gave the gifts to Baa and Jaishri. Baa takes the presents. Jaishri says Titli is lucky to get you.

Chintu says come for pics. Manikant says how did they plan costly gifts, something is wrong. Maina says they respected your word. Alpa stands with Hiren and taunts Jaishri. They all get pics clicked. Titli says I have to talk to Garv. Monica says come for dance. Alpa taunts them for a small house.

Chintu says don’t worry when I m here. He takes the chairs away. Everyone dances. Alpa asks Dhara not to dance. Koel remembers Maina’s words and cries. Bhakti signs Titli. Tili brings Garv along. She says we spoke about the gifts, why did you do this.

He says I did this for your happiness, you are upset, I promised to always support you. She says you should have trusted me, I got gifts for them. She shows the gifts. She asks what about this. He says it will be good.

Since you know my father, do you think these things would make him happy? Titli, you told me that everyone has expectations when they get married. I’m taking care of my family’s expectations in my own way because I know my family well and you didn’t accept me from the bottom of your heart.

Before the end, Titli tells Ishani about Garv. Garv says Ishani and I dated each other. Ishani says, “You ruined my life, and I won’t let you forget it.”

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