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Titli 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 7th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Garv and Manikant have a fight about how much pressure Garv is putting on Titli’s family to have a big wedding. Manikant asks, “What did I say wrong? It’s my son’s wedding, and a lot of important people will be there.”

Garv says, “I don’t want any of my relatives to just show up and judge the family of the woman I want to marry.” Manikant says, “You’re not my dad, I’m your dad, and we’ll get married the way we want.” They disagree.

Hiral asks Titli, “Why did you agree to marry Paresh when he’s under so much pressure?” Paresh tells them to be quiet. Dadi says we can’t handle it, so we have to give them things.

Titli says, “I can help. I will take more orders and help you. I will also work after I get married and help the family.” Hiral says you won’t turn around and look at us. Titli tells Kaka, “I’ll always be your daughter.” She asks him to promise that he won’t get upset.

She is blessed by Paresh. Maina describes Garv. She says Manikant is your dad because he gave you life and did everything a dad should do. Koel is right, it’s a tradition, Kanyadaan is a big gift, and we also go to weddings. If they come to your wedding, we’ll feed them thepla, so Manikant isn’t wrong to ask for it. He says you never find him wrong.

I’ll agree with you if you say that, but I’ll handle this my way. Koel says fine, you are sensible. She brings Garv along. Maina gets sad. When Alpa comes, he teases her. Garv talks with Titli. She turns to see him coming and smiles. She sobs. He gives her comfort.

She fears about her parents, who have a lot of debt. He says that this is our dating stage and that he will take care of everything as he promised. She says, “But your family is also right. You are their only son, and they have hopes for your marriage.” He says that our wedding will go the way you say it will.

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He is given ice cream. She says, “I don’t like vanilla ice cream. I told you I did because I didn’t want you to feel bad.” The ice cream is thrown by him. He says you will get whatever you like. She says that’s not what I meant.

He moves close to her to kiss her. Dheere Dheere…plays… Her eyes close. He gives her a smile and a kiss on the head. He gets a hug. It’s the morning, and Maina, Manikant, and Koel have all come to buy jewelry. They look at Paresh. Paresh says hello.

Maina asks, “Are you going to give Titli that beautiful necklace? It will look great on her.” The man gets angry and tells Paresh to polish the necklace. Paresh will go. Manikant says it was a mistake to let Garv live with this family. He has a fight with Koel. Paresh knows about them. He thinks, “Everything is on you now, Titli. Don’t make me look bad.” Titli calls Garv.

She says that someone important made my morning good. Garv is mad and asks, “Who are you?” Titli asks, “Who else do you think it could be?” She shows him a photo. He smiles. He says that you finally agreed that I was your real hero. She says you’re a nice person.

He says it was good. She says, “Yes, I hid the picture.” He says that you love me and that we are going to get married soon. If you want, I can marry you right away. She says we’ll get together after work.

Precap: Titli meets Garv. He tells her to give these gifts to the family the next day. A girl watches and thinks, “I promise I won’t let this marriage happen.”

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