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Titli 7th August 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 7th August 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Titli asks, “Did you know this?” Garv says, “Yes, I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want you to worry and ruin our honeymoon. Don’t worry, I’m helping them.” She says that you should have let me know. He asks what you would do and who you are.

She says, “I’m their daughter, so I can be as brave as them.” He says that I talked to top police officers and that the thugs will be caught. She says that you kept this secret from me. He asks, “Don’t you have anything to hide? You told me you’d tell me everything. Why didn’t you keep your promise? Tell me.”

He yells at her. He plays the recording and asks her about the loan she got. He wants to know who is wrong. She says that’s what I did for Kaka. He asks, “How did you ask for help from someone else? Was I dead?” She wants to know what you are saying. He says, “You kept this secret and made me feel bad about myself.

This is so cool.” She says, “Try to understand: Kaka doesn’t have a job, so I wanted to work, but we came here instead.” They disagree. He always tells her, “I’m wrong.” She tells him, “No, you love me and care about me, so you can do anything for me.” Then, he says, you should talk about things. Why did you keep this secret? She says I didn’t have an opportunity.

He says that Garv Mehta’s wife took out a loan for 35,000 rupees. That’s an insult to me, because it was my mistake to plan this trip. A man says, “My girlfriend and I are getting married, and we want our chemistry to be as great as yours.” Garv says, “Good job!” He gets rid of Titli and leaves. Paresh says that this wouldn’t have happened if I had brought someone with me. How am I going to pay the money now? All of them cry.

Jaishri weeps and prays for the rest of the family. Garv can swim. He wonders why Titli doesn’t understand his worry. Titli says, “I know you love me, but you’re too protective of me, and your love hurts me a lot sometimes.” She sobs.

The call from Titli is for Jaishri. Titli says she’s sorry, Garv didn’t tell her, so she didn’t call before to see if everything was okay. No, says Jaishri.

Are you okay? What happened? No, Titli says, it’s fine. Jaishri cries and says that men are forgiven for big mistakes, but women are blamed for small ones. She says that a wife has to support her husband and that she can’t blame Paresh. Titli goes to Garv and tells him what’s going on.

She says we have to understand each other’s thoughts. Do you really think you shouldn’t have come here with me? He goes. She sits and cries. Garv speaks to her. Garv tells Titli that he loves her. He likes how simple she is. She films something.

They kiss and give hugs. Hum tum…sings… Everyone cheers them on. The man says we will play a game to see if we get along. Titli says, “Please count us in, it will be fun.” Fine, says Garv. The other contestant says that your message was good, but that we will win.

Garv says I got what I was looking for. The host says the rules of the game for the paper dance round. Garv says that we make the best pair. Titli says it’s for fun and it doesn’t matter if they win or lose. Garv says, “I never lose, and neither will we.”


Garv and Titli are killed. She chuckles. He hits her in anger. She is surprised.

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