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Titli 6th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 6th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Paresh says, “We’ll keep the marriage well.” Manikant’s two women are teased by Baa. Jaishri says that we don’t know what’s going on with them. Paresh says I should use a silver plate to serve nuts. Baa asks where you’re going to get the money. Paresh says that we won’t stop respecting me.

Garv is made fun of by Monica and Dhrishti about Titli. They ask him to surprise Titli with a lovely date. He says, “I don’t know any of this.” Monica tells him that he should learn from Adi. Garv says, “That’s fine, if he can do it, so can I. Titli deserves the best.”

Bhakti tells you that you got the best girl, so why are you sad? Titli says Kaka and Kakimaa are tense about costs. Bhakti says try to understand Garv. Garv sends Titli a message to ask her out on a date. Yes, she does. He tells her to wear the dress she was wearing the first time they met. She says, “Okay.” Garv says that I should get ready.

Garv is looking for Titli. He goes to meet Titli. She says that you told me to wear this, so I did when we met for the first time. He laughs when he thinks of her. He says it was his mistake; he thought he was talking about our second meeting.

She apologises. He tells you not to feel bad because you look nice. She asks if you’ve noticed that I wasn’t wearing a nose ring. He is happy. She gets the flowers from him.

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People walk into the restaurant. She says no one is here. He says that it is only us. She says yes, so both of us will go. He says, “I’ve made reservations for the whole restaurant for you.” What? she asks. He halts her. They sit down. He orders food based on what she says. He says this is my favourite food, and I agree. She thinks about how to use chopsticks to eat.

She gives it a try. He or she laughs. Garv sees him. She apologises. He says that saying “sorry” can’t solve everything. You lied to me when you said you liked this food, but that’s okay, you can tell me, don’t be shy.

She says, “You had everything planned, and I didn’t want to mess it up.” He says, “I did this to make the date extra special. Let’s go get whatever you want to eat and have a good time.” She says no, because you’ve already reserved the whole place and the money will be wasted.

He tells her, “It’s fine, my date shouldn’t go to waste, come.” The waiter thanks them and says they hope to see them again.

Garv says, “I forgot my phone inside. It’s up to you what to do.” Your phone is ringing, the waiter tells you. Garv says you should answer it, so do so. The waiter talks to his manager. The man says he is firing you. Garv says that if you think you can make fun of his fiancee, you deserve what’s coming to you. Sorry, says the waiter. Garv takes his phone and goes to see Titli.

She says we’re going to have chaat. The panipuri is eaten by her. She says that this is called taste, will you have it? Garv says, “No, it’s for girls.” She says, “No, you can all eat it. Please try it for my sake.” He says no. It’s broken.

He says, “I don’t like that. I won’t force you to eat what you don’t like. I’ll feed you what you like.” He thinks there shouldn’t be any trouble with our wedding. A girl is seen. Garv and Titli see Paresh going to the loan agent. They go to find out. Paresh wants to borrow money to pay for Titli’s wedding.

He says that the groom’s family wants the wedding to be big, but he has no money. Garv says, “Titli, I didn’t know this. I’m there.” He cleans her tears away. He says, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of everything. Come.” Garv says, “Uncle, you don’t have to do all this.” You are here, Titli, Paresh says. Titli tells you that you won’t have to worry about my wedding.

Paresh says, “I have to take care of you because you are my daughter.” Garv says, “I’m your son, we’re related, and I can’t stand to see family in trouble.” Paresh says its okay. Garv says that you can’t buy her happiness by putting your pride at risk. The man tells Paresh bhai, “Your son-in-law has a son.”

Garv says, “Trust me, I’ll take care of everything.” He gives Paresh the papers back. Manikant and his daughter play carrom. He is stopped by Garv. He shoots the ball. He says that parents aren’t always right. Manikant asks what do you mean.

Precap: Titli meets Garv. He tells her to give these gifts to the family the next day. A girl watches and thinks, “I promise I won’t let this marriage happen.”

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