Titli Written Update

Titli 5th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 5th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

Titli thinks about Garv at the start of the episode. He calls her and tells her, “I got you ice cream.” She goes to the balcony and sees him there. She says you can be seen by anyone. He says, “I’ve come to meet the woman I want to marry.”

She told me I couldn’t go there because Baa would scold me. I’ll come to you, he says. She says, “No, that won’t work. Wait, I’ll figure something out.” The basket falls. He says this won’t work for me. She said that it was for ice cream. He puts the tub of ice cream in there.

I will come tomorrow, he says. She says vanilla flavour. He says, “Yes, I like it.” She thinks I don’t like it. She says, “I like it, I like what you chose.” He smiles.

They eat the ice cream and think, “I can’t hurt your heart, and this vanilla flavour doesn’t look too bad today.” They’re happy. Garv and his family go to Titli’s house in the morning. Koel and Manikant talk about the area. Jaishri tells the kids to quickly clean up the house.

Hiral goes. Paresh tells Chintu to get it done quickly. The doorbell goes off. I will get Titli, Jaishri says. Paresh is happy to see them. Koel says that this house is really tiny. They sit down.

Koel makes jokes about the host. Garv and Titli leave. Baa asks why your husband didn’t show up. He is here, Dadi says. Where? asks Baa. Jaishri says, “Titli told me everything; I’ll tell you later.” Manikant wipes the glass clean and drinks from it. Maina says that he will soon have an illness, so he is careful.

Garv smiles when he sees flowers in Titli’s room. She wants Garv to meet her parents and other family members. She displays the photo. She says I remember this from when I was a kid. He sees a picture of a hero and asks, “Who is that?” She says that I like him best. When he hears what she says, he gets mad and tears the picture. She wants to know what you did.

He says, “I kicked fake hero out of your life because real hero has come in.” She says your room is bigger than this one. He says you are imp to me, just you are imp. Manikant says that the girl’s family pays for the wedding, and we did a good job with Monica’s wedding.

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Paresh says that we will try hard. Manikant says that his important clients and family will be there because he wants the wedding to be a big deal. Sure, says Paresh. Garv holds Titli. She says that anybody can see. Let them see, he says.

Manikant says to let us know if there’s a problem with money. Jaishri says no. Garv says that we should take a selfie because this is our first public meeting with our family. He is holding her while taking a selfie.

Manikant says that instead of these peanuts, you should keep the expensive walnuts for baraatis. Garv comes in and says that peanuts are better than almonds. Uncle, please welcome him with peanut-filled baraatis. Paresh is happy. Titli and Garv are talked about by everyone.

Alpa says that we should give her a few tola chains, which will make her happy because she comes from a small family. Koel scolds her. Everyone comes, including Manikant. He goes. Alpa and Maina fight. Koel tells Garv to thank Manikant for him.

Hiral says that they are very wealthy and that we can’t compare to them. Chintu says we’ll be okay, but Garv doesn’t agree with what his family says. Paresh says that the family will be all right. Manikant comes to meet Dada ji. He watches a video of Garv as a kid. He smiles. Garv comes over and watches.

Manikant says, “When a child is young, he trusts his father and wants to reach the sky. I have always tried to make your wish come true, but now that you’re older, you’ve forgotten everything and think I’m wrong. I just want you to be careful and not make any mistakes. I’ll catch you if you fall.” He goes. Garv starts to cry and feel sad.

Precap: Titli meets Garv. He tells her to give these gifts to the family the next day. A girl watches and thinks, “I promise I won’t let this marriage happen.”

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