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Titli 3rd July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 3rd July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Paresh scolds Titli and puts his hand on her. Garv gets in his way and stops him. Garv and Paresh have a fight. Garv is asked to come by Maina. Garv says let him say. Titli is asked what’s going on by Jaishri. Garv says its not Titli’s mistake.

He is mean to Sanket. He asks Sanket to say what’s really going on with the pictures. Sanket tells everything. Paresh tells Sanket off. Garv says that Titli doesn’t need anyone to feel sorry for her, and you don’t have to worry about her because I’m always with her because I love her. Everyone is taken aback.

Koel asks, “What are you saying? You’re trying to save her, aren’t you?” Garv says, “Don’t stop me. I love Titli. It’s neither her nor my fault. She’s so beautiful that anyone would fall in love with her. When she turned down my proposal, her respect for me grew.

She won’t hold hands with someone who is rich, but she will hold hands with someone who has a good heart. She will love true love, not money. I’m sure you’ll understand my love, just as you worship Radha and Krishna’s love. Dheere Dheere se…plays..

Paresh says that in real life, these big things don’t matter. Dadi is right, you should join us now. Koel says that this girl did magic on my Garv. Everyone leaves.

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Titli 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update

Manikant scolds Garv. Garv says that we will get married. Manikant wants to know how she can become our wife. He tells Monica not to talk in the middle. Koel says that Titli caused the trouble because she wants to catch my son. Manikant gets angry.

Garv says, “Don’t blame Koel; I chose Titli.” Koel says I asked you not to meet her. Alpa says it means you knew it. Manikant says, “I knew you would figure it out. How dare you try to hide it! Can you handle everything?” Garv says talk to me. Manikant says to stop dating her and forget about it.

Garv loves her, according to Uncle. Manikant says, “You fell in love, too. What happened to you? I know what to do: Garv will marry into a wealthy family.” Garv says that you make relationships to get something out of them. I don’t do that, so that’s why we don’t like each other.

You got married for a deal, but I’m not like you, so I won’t do what you did. He talks back to Manikant. He says, “That’s weird, I’m your blood and I do what you do, but I’m not like you.” He leaves. Koel gives Manikant a glass of water. The glass is thrown by him.

He scolds Koel. He says that a son insulted his father, so the son should go and have a party. He goes. Everyone goes. Koel cries.

At Titli’s house, everyone talks about Garv. Chintu says, “I think Garv is lucky to have Titli.” Titli prays. She sobs. She thinks of Garv and grins. Main yahan hoon…plays.. Titli is asked by Jaishri to tell the truth. She asks do you like Garv.

Titli sees Garv. Jaishri tells her to take an oath and say. Titli says yes because he has all the good qualities. I didn’t think about marrying against your will, and I never thought about a love marriage. I met Garv a few times, but I always told him no. I don’t know when my heart started saying yes even though I was telling him no. I swear to Kaki that I didn’t know what I wanted before, but now I know that I only love Garv.

Garv asks who this person is. Titli says that he is my favourite hero, and I would love to meet him. Garv rips the picture in anger. He says that a real hero has come into your life, but that you are still an imp to him.

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