Titli Written Update

Titli 28th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Titli for June 28, 2023, available at Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

Garv tries to convince Titli in the first part of the episode. I just had to tell you what I know: no one can love you as much as I do, and I’m the only one who can make you happy. You always say no to me, but I might get lucky the second time.” She moves to leave. Men don’t cry.” Titli wonders why she is sad about the breakup when they were never together. They go away.

Dadi tells Paresh to put lemons and chilli peppers at the door. Chintu jokes. Titli gets to go home. What happened, Jaishri asks. She tells Hiral that Titli needs a cup of tea or she will get sick. Dadi asks did you like Sanket. I don’t want to marry him, says Titli. What? asks Jaishri.

Chintu smiles. He says we don’t need this right now. Jaishri tells Titli to sit down and tell him what’s going on. Dadi asks what bad did you feel. Titli says he’s feeling it. Paresh wants to know what he did. She says I didn’t like him. Dadi says to call Sanket and ask what’s going on. Titli says no, I don’t like him. Dadi says no, you did something. Paresh says, “I want to know what’s going on.” Titli thinks that Sanket will say something about Garv.

Manikant scolds Koel. Garv comes home. She asks Garv for the number of Titli. Garv lets them know. Dhrishti says that Garv has her number in his head. He says I remember things well. She wants to know her phone number. I don’t remember, he says. She makes him laugh. He says that we used to talk about marriage every day.

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Koel tells us that Monica’s wedding went well and that we need to find a girl for Garv. Paresh calls Sanket and asks, “Have you met Titli?” Sanket says, “Yes, I did meet her, but we can’t be together.” Paresh asks if Titli did anything wrong. Sanket tells his uncle, “Yes, I made a mistake. She’s nice, and I don’t deserve her.” Titli wonders why he is being so nice to her. She deserves someone better, and she’ll find one soon.” He hangs up.

Titli wonders why he would lie. Sanket says I will take payback on Titli soon. Dadi asks him why he was afraid. Titli says, “It’s good. Forget about my marriage for a few days.” Dadi says that Hiral’s wedding is also coming up. Do you think a prince will come and ask you to be his bride? No, I don’t think so. Jaishri tells Titli to get a new outfit.

Maina says that guys don’t have to worry about getting a nice girl at a certain age. Koel says I’ll help him find the girl. Dhrishti says, “I think he’s found himself a girl.” Koel asks Garv to say. Garv tells me to go do my job. Koel says that I will know if he falls in love with a girl. Manikant taunts her.

His dad honours Koel. Manikant says, “I know how I lived a life that was suffocating.” Koel says I’ll find Garv the best girl in the world. Maina says, “Yes, I trust you.” Manikant says that she has to become capable in order to find a capable person. He goes. Maina tells Koel to help Garv find the best girl.

Titli remembers Garv. She thinks of what he said. She decides to send him a message. She accidentally calls him. He answers her phone. He asks if you called to say yes or no to his idea. She says no. He says that I have to start over with you.

Koel asks pandit to get Garv and Titli apart. She says she wants my son. She knows we’re rich and have everything, so she knows anyone can be greedy. I’m smart, so I can spot greedy people and no one can trick me. Garv, on the other hand, is easy to understand.

She says that we’re looking for a girl for him. He says that we get a lot of offers, so should I send the whole family to your house? She says good. She says where she lives. She’s going. Pandit says, “Fool, tomorrow you will be cheated.” Titli goes to Garv’s house to ask for money.

Koel says that it’s good that everyone left because now I can meet the girl’s family without any trouble. She makes the house clean. The pretend family goes there to trick Koel. Titli sees them. The woman says that we are here because our daughter is getting married to Garv.

Inspector says that we know about this gang and that Dolly is the leader. Koel says, “I will say something bad about Titli.” Garv stops Titli from being jailed.

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