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Titli 26th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli 26th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

Titli tries to cheer up Monica at the start of the episode. Monica says, “I’m mad at Adi because he didn’t say anything.” Manikant scolds Garv. Garv says that you should have stood up for Koel. He says that she is your first wife, but you don’t treat her with any respect, so strangers insult her. Garv says that you are to blame for all of this and that you should apologise to Koel.

Manikant raises hand. Koel asks Garv to stop it. Titli tells Monica that she needs to stop being quiet and make a choice. She wants to know what you want. Adi calls Monica. Garv says that Monica will end up with a better guy than Adi, so Manikant shouldn’t worry. He goes there and sees Monica and Tili going. He runs out to find out. He calls Monica.

Koel and Maina want to know what’s going on and where Monica is. He claims that Titli stole Monica. Koel asks why did she take her. Maina asks how she can bring her with her. Koel says that Titli is very smart, so I didn’t want her in my house. Manikant says that it will be a big show for everyone to see. Garv calls Hiral. He wants to know where Titli is because she took Monica with her.

If you don’t find her, you will all go to jail. Hiral asks, “What’s going on? Titli has made another problem.” Koel says that Titli would have made Monica follow her orders. Manikant says that we shouldn’t have invited Garv to the wedding. Manikant and Garv fight. They worry about her. Hiral says that Titli made Monica run away, so I might lose my job. Jaishri tells her to relax. Hiral has a problem with Titli. Titli pulls over in front of Adi’s car on her scooty. She tells her aunt, “I’m sorry, just give Monica and Aditya two minutes to talk to each other.”

Sushma says that my son won’t do something I don’t want. Titli says that you liked Monica a lot, so what’s wrong with her? Please let them talk about it. Garv tells me to go get Monica. Everyone is worried about Jaishri. Chintu gets back home. Jaishri wants to know where Titli is. Titli goes back to live with Garv. Everyone looks on. Garv asks her where she is. Koel scolds her.

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Titli shows Monica and Aditya’s parents coming with Aditya. Titli says that this mistake shouldn’t take away the reason why two people love each other. Koel tells her to stop talking. Titli says that Monica and Adi could have run away and gotten married, but they didn’t. Instead, they put their families before love and stayed with them. What do you want to say? asks Koel.

Titli tells Koel that he shouldn’t give up their love. She asks them not to split up two people who are in love. She asks Sushma to tell her what Garv did wrong, since he has treated Koel with respect. She says that Koel really likes you. Garv looks on.

Monica says that Titli is right, Koel didn’t think you were a threat. Adi tells his mother, “Titli has told me that I have some responsibilities towards Monica. We have decided to get married.” Monica says, “We want your permission and approval. Will you let us in?” Everyone is happy. Garv asks are you sure. Monica and Adi nod. Garv makes them laugh and gives them hugs.

Koel hugs Sushma. Garv smiles seeing Titli. Monica and Titli hug. She hands out the wreaths. Monica gets married to Adi. Garv sees Titli. Tu hai to mujhe kya chahiye…plays… He thinks I don’t talk to her very well, but she solved a problem with my family. She gets a call from Jaishri. She leaves. She goes away. Titli goes home and tells everyone what happened.

Hiral says I might have been fired from my job. Nothing will happen, says Titli. Paresh says, “We’re middle class, and if you do this, we’ll be in trouble.” Titli says I brought two loves together. Chintu jokes on Dadi. Titli is asked to go with Jaishri. She says that you did the right thing by bringing two lovers together, and that you’ll soon find someone who loves you.

Garv calls Titli and tells her, “I had to thank you for everything you did for Monica.” She wants to know why you sent cops to her house. He says I got angry. She says that you should get mad first and then think. Dadi tells you that you need to meet Sanket at the lake tomorrow and that you need to get married soon. This gets to Garv. Dadi goes. He asks me what’s wrong… He starts to think.

Precap: Titli meets Sanket. The two of them talk. The boat fills with water. She falls into the river. Titli is saved by Garv.

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