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Titli 24th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli 24th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

The episode begins with Titli anticipating a commendation from Garv about my job. You don’t have to go to court, Garv adds; just film the footage and submit it to me. Koel notices them. She requests that Titli go get some food. Monica is anxious.

Garv queries what transpired. Monica’s makeup artist, according to Maina, is not coming. Titli asks if she can help, saying “Sorry, I heard you, I’ve completed the course.” Garv claims that since we engaged you as a decorator, we cannot trust you. Trust me, Titli adds; I’m a safe risk. Monica concurs. She gets her cosmetics done by Titli. Outside, everyone waits. Titli is summoned outside by Koel, who knocks on the door.

Manikant claims the girl is attempting to assist us.not like you. Everyone, according to Alpa, is waiting for Monica. He requests Maina to speak with the decorator. I warned you she won’t do the cosmetics, Garv inquires. As per Dhrishti, she urged. Titli arrives and claims that without one makeup item, the bridal look cannot be finished. Manikant exhorts her to go quickly.

I warned you, you won’t apply her cosmetics, claims Garv. Koel becomes irate. Is Monica ready, Maina queries. Brings Monica is Titli. Upon seeing Monica, everyone smiles. Maina claims to be prepared. Yes, Titli confirms, I meant to indicate that only the kajal is missing. Monica is given kajal by Maina. Garv, she believes, will now smile. Garv notices a butler spitting the beverage. He becomes irate.

Everybody praises Monica. Take this 20 rs as a tip, says Koel. I did this for Maina and Monica, claims Titli, not for me. Thank you, Maina. I need a loving person, according to Titli. Abhay and Monica become engaged. Sajna ve performs. Garv embraces Monica. He notices Titli glancing his way. He requests a video in a message to her.

Titli sets off to film a video. Garv and his sisters dance. Manikant and Maina dance. Koel is unhappy. Garv and Titli dance. She falters. They have a brief window. They clash. Did you videotape the video, he queries. Sent, she says. He leaves.

Chintu teases and makes fun of Dadi. I have to marry Titli, according to Dadi. Titli’s video is seen by Garv. She requests his smile. He approaches her out of rage. I wanted you to film that video because you are the witness, did you fall in love with me, and don’t simply go after my smile, he says, adding that it’s about my job.

She rejects. That’s fine, he adds; just talk about work, not anyone else; it was my fault; I had expected you to assist me; you need assistance. In his arms, she collapses. Garv claims that he is unsure about the judge’s likely demeanor. Garv arrives at the court in the morning. The judge inquires regarding the witness. I’m here, Titli says. She makes the declaration.

Garv is warned by the judge, and he is urged to manage his rage. Titli leaves. Garv adheres to Titli. She communicates with her using audio.

Garv thanks Titli in the precap. Garv stands up for Koel. Dad of Abhay shatters the coalition. Moody Monica.

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