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Titli 22nd June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli 22nd June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in

Titli Written Update:

Koel begins the episode by stating that Maina attended the pooja the previous time. Koel, according to Maina, also have a claim to Monica. Manikant has two wives, according to Titli. Maina is held by Garv. Koel and Manikant do the puja. Titli sees Koel sign.

Manikant is requested by Pandit to fill his wife’s maang. Koel beams. He fills the maang of Maina. Alpa believes you should be proud. No, Maina protests, “I’m embarrassed.” Alpa mocks her. It’s news that Hiral claims that Garv has two mothers. Titli claims that it is a private matter.

They overhear the women chatting. They are asked by Hiral if Manikant has two wives. You now know who I am, Koel claims, and the Mehta mansion is mine.

She rushes to reprimand the servants after hearing them discussing. She claims that just because he didn’t ask me before filling Maina’s maang doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me; he does, just not outwardly. She sobs. Koel, according to Manikant, does this on purpose.

Maina claims to be related to you. Maina is my younger sister, and while he loves her dearly, she always puts me first. Koel claims that this relationship can never end. He didn’t hate me despite the fact that I couldn’t bear him children. Manikant becomes irate.

Maina stands up for Koel. She won’t enter Monica’s marriage, he claims.Garv, Monica, and Drishti, according to Koel, are my children; I am their mother; they adore me more than Maina and hold me in high regard. He claims that she won’t enter this marriage; I won’t state it again. Did you consume the prasad, Manikant asked Garv.

Badimaa will feed it to me, according to Garv. Are you okay, Garv queries. Yes, says Koel. She goes in search of prasad. The prasad platter goes to the servant. The plate flies into the air as he stumbles. Titli and Garv hurry to choose a dupatta. They lay out the dupatta and place the candy inside of it. The goodies are consumed.

Garv and Hiral are asked to leave by Koel who arrives. Garv is instructed to pay and depart by her. Yes, he says, go get prasad for me. She leaves. He inquires about the cost. You can give it afterwards, according to Titli, it’s fine.

How did you enjoy the decor, Hiral inquires? I worked hard, and so did we. Garv deems it to be nice. He requests Titli’s contact information. Titli makes jokes. Garv notices the women giggling. He leaves.

Everybody eats. Drama, claims Alpa, has occurred. Manikant is asked to be cool by Maina. Koel receives the meal. Manikant won’t eat anything. She begs him to try it and insists. By accident, she places it on his hand. When he becomes irate, he yells at her.

He declares, “I can’t stand this woman; enough is enough; she won’t enter Monica and I’m getting married.” Garv arrives and inquires as to her whereabouts. We shall decide if Maina and I are Monica’s parents, as Manikant claims. Garv debates him.

He admonishes Koel. Hand raised by Manikant. Koel halts the man. I’m sorry, she says. He chastises her. According to Garv, you have always denigrated and accused Koel.

Koel and Maina implore him to stop. Garv and Manikant disagree. Monica begs them to stop as she sobs. Will you perform my wedding with these painful memories, she asks. Garv chooses Koel. Maina embraces Monica.

Garv fails to notice a van driving rearward. When Titli spots him, she rushes to his aid. They stumble and lock eyes. Dheere Dheere performs…

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