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Titli 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Written Episode of Titli for June 20, 2023, available at TellyUpdate.in.

Titli Written Update

Garv says at the beginning of the episode, “You’re late.” Titli says that I was stuck in traffic. He tells her to say it quickly. She says that I have written everything down, that the budget is about 15 lakhs, and that I am now quoting 2 lakhs. Take 3 lakhs, he says, but the work should be good. She tells you not to worry because there won’t be any talking. The light in the lift flickers. Garv gets hit by her. They look at the elevator. He says I m getting late.

She says, “You’re trying to open the elevator.” They disagree. She says that there is no network. She turns on the light. She calls out to get help. He says that I’m here, too. She says that if you yell, you’d be a pro at this. He gets tense. She sees him getting scared and gives him a pep talk to calm him down. She tells you to be cheerful and imagine that you have won the case and that everything is fine. Garv shuts his eyes and thinks. The doors open.

He is mean to the guard. Titli says that the lift is a machine and that it wasn’t the guard’s fault. He is told to come up by the guard. He is going to call the tech. He tells Titli to go ahead of him. He helps her.

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She gets on his shoulder and leaves. He gives the file to her. She extends a hand. He says, “Thanks, but I’ll help myself.” He gets up and puts on his coat. She thanks God that we were saved. He says we got late. Hiral asks did you get hurt. Garv said that your sister was there, too.

She asks if she was hired by you. He says that the decorating should be done on time. She tells you not to worry. She tells Titli to do a good job with her work.

Garv goes to the judge’s office. He talks about the case. He says I couldn’t get out of the elevator. The judge tells him to get the witness for the statement or Garv’s license could be taken away. He tells you to bring the witness with you after three days.

Garv thinks that that girl can now help me. Hiral and Titli go to Garv’s home to meet his family. Titli calls her uncle and talks to him. Koel throws the colors of the Rangoli on the floor. Titli comes. Koel asks you how you got here and if you came to watch over me. Titli lets the file fall. She apologizes and says, “I’ll take it.” Koel asks Titli to leave. Hiral says wait. Manikant wants to know what’s going on.

Koel says I made this girl out to be worse than she is. Garv hired me to decorate, according to Titli. Koel asks why would Garv like her. He scolds Koel. He tells Titli to go to her work and get started. Titli walks on the different colors.

They can see the tracks. Divya says it looks like her Grahpravesh happened. Garv comes home. Hiral says that I was with Titli when we came. He tells her to hold on. Hiral says it’s not fair because he didn’t give me an entry. Koel makes karela juice and asks Divya to drink it. Garv also goes by stepping on the colors. Divya asks, “What’s this? It looks like they’ll be together for the next seven lives.” Koel asks her to get out. Titli goes to the toilet.

Garv goes to his room to change. She goes outside and sees him without a shirt on. She puts a hand over her eyes and tries to get away. He gives her his shirt. He sees Titli.

Before the end, Garv and Titli stop the prasad from falling down. Now is their chance. Manikant is asked by Pandit to call Pandit’s wife. He is sitting with Maina and Koel.

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