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Titli 17th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli 17th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in

At the beginning of the episode, Titli’s neighbours ask if she tried to kill herself and why she won’t come out of her room. Jaishri is concerned. Titli goes and gets ready. She tells me that I’m going to work. The women ask her how she is doing.

Titli says, “I won’t lose my bravery.” Titli leaves. She meets Kaka. He gives her the job of running the new store. He gives her hope. He says, “This is the office area. You will get many orders and commissioners. Kaka goes. Titli gets to work. A woman comes and gives the order for the flower. It’s something Titli makes and gives to her. She gets more orders. He sees how many people are at the shop. When he sees Titli, he heads to his office.

Titli walks into the lift carrying a bunch of flowers. She sees Garv. Garv teases Titli. He says, “That’s a good mix, and I have a deal for you.” She says, “Thank you, but I can’t take you up on your offer.” His staff looks on.

Garv tells Titli to give it more thought. She says I’ll lose my peace of mind, that it’s important, that respect is important, and that you don’t value your workers. He says that people should not waste time. They disagree. He makes fun of her because she says no to everyone. Her bag gets stuck in the lift door. She yanks on it. She goes away.

The girls tell Hiral about Garv and Titli when they go there. Hiral is the one Garv asks to get the file. She says that he looks like an angry young man. They talk about the wedding of his sister. Koel is cooking. She says that Monica’s husband’s family is coming.

Everyone likes Monica’s husband’s family. Manikant and Maina, his wife, will be there. Koel makes the potatoes that go inside samosas. Maina likes it a lot. Koel says that I forgot to include dhania. Maina asks her to come meet the family of the groom. Manikant yelled at me in the morning because Koel said no. Please come meet them.” Come, says Koel.

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She greets the guests and keeps the bad sight from showing up. Maina says, “You are the Badimaa of my kids, and they are the parents of Aditya.” The woman wants to know how you know Maina. Maina tells me that she is my older sister. Koel laughs. Hiral says that when it comes to decorating, my sister is the best.

Garv says, “Okay, just call her.” Hiral says, “I will find a way into his house.” Chintu goes to the shop to buy flowers. Titli asks him to have samosas. Amol, Chintu’s friend, says that he didn’t try to get into a good college. Why does Titli ask? Chintu says we have a problem with money. She says, “I’ll help pay your fees.” Hiral says, “My boss needs a designer. I talked him into giving you the job, and he wants to meet you once. She’s going. Chintu says, “Good job!” Titli hugs him and thinks about how she can help Paresh with his duties.

Precap: Titli meets Garv. He says you turned down the deal. They disagree. Rahul comes into her life.

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