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Titli 16th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Update

Titli says at the beginning of the episode, “I will be positive, I will get a good night’s sleep, and I will have new dreams.” She trips. Garv says that people who live in their dreams tend to fall. She says that they don’t break because they have a rope of hope. He tells her not to wear the nose ring because it makes her look bad. She tells him not to look at her because this is her Mr. Right’s right.

She goes away. There, she buys her wedding chunri. Everyone cares about Titli. They are looking for her. Don’t worry, says Jaishri, nothing bad will happen to Titli. Hiral says that his dad is counting on him, which makes him nervous. She tells Paresh to get a drink. She says that Titli is not worried about us. Dadi wants to know who will ask for your hand.

Hiral says, “No one will come. I’m going to get married in Mumbai.” Hiral and Chintu have a fight. She says that I have nothing against Rahul and that Titli broke up the marriage by blaming Rahul. Titli comes and says, “I didn’t make up a reason to blame anyone.” She gives hugs to Jaishri and Chintu.

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Titli 15th June 2023 Written Episode Update

The maid is scolded by Koel. With a damp cloth, she cleans the floor. She tells the maid to do it the same way she is doing it. Koel says, “I’m doing this today, and you have to start doing this tomorrow, so pay close attention.” When Koel sees some guys at the door, he tells them to leave. She won’t give them any money. Manikant comes. Who is the man who says she won’t let us in?

Manikant says, “Look at what she’s wearing and figure out who she is.” The man says that our mood has changed, so we should leave. Manikant scolds Koel and tells him, “This is my house. Titli takes off the jewellery and starts to cry. Jaishri cries and tells her she’s sorry.

Titli told me that my scarf caught fire, but I’m okay. She says that we should have hope because the bad times will end. Jaishri says, “Yes, you did fall in love with Rahul.” Titli says yes. She says I’ll meet someone who really likes me. Garv argues with Manikant and tries to protect Koel. Manikant says that she is going to scold everyone who comes home. Garv says I should call the painters.

Manikant says that the trouble is with your Badimaa. He goes. She tells Garv to get the person who decorates. She says that we won’t fight. Did you eat breakfast? I’ll get your lunch in two minutes. Sit here while I clean this.” She makes the floor clean.

Precap: Jaishri gives Titli’s kundali to pandit ji. Koel prays for Garv to find a girl. Garv is at the temple with Koel. It is where Titli goes.

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