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Titli 16th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 16th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update:

At the beginning of the episode, Chintu takes the blame. Paresh is upset. Titli stops him. Chintu tells her to swear that she won’t tell dad the truth. Chintu is scolded by Paresh. Titli says, “The dupatta is fixed.” Koel says I didn’t give broken dupatta. Both Baa and Koel fight. Garv says Koel never lies. Titli takes the drape and says, “I’m done.”

Koel sees the men’s names written on the dupatta and a pattern embroidered on it. Everyone is happy. Koel likes it. Titli says, “I’m in touch with Garv and his family. This connection is very important to me, I promise.” They’re happy.

Monica says, “How sweet, Garv picked the best one.” Garv smiles. Maina says he knows for sure. Dada ji says, “I don’t remember how this dupatta looked before, but it’s beautiful now, bless you.” Maina asks Koel to start the mehendi process. Garv says not you.

Chintu wants to know what went on. Garv shoves him away and tells him, “You won’t come.” What does Titli ask? Garv says that Titli and Koel were offended.

You could have accepted this before, but now you won’t go to any wedding parties because you’re worried about their respect. Chintu cries. He is my brother, according to Titli. Garv says, “Yes, he did this even back then.

He didn’t say anything, which was a mistake. Believe me, I would have done the same thing with anyone in my family. I’m doing this for Koel and for your respect, Titli.” Manikant taunts.

Garv argues. Baa says stop it now, don’t start crying, mahurat is going, so as Garv is saying. Jaishri asks what he should do without Chintu. Alpa says that it won’t be a big deal. Titli has his hand on Chintu’s. He gives her a nod and cries. Garv takes Titli for mehendi. Chintu is teased by Dhrishti.

Dhara gets Chintu a mehendi cone and says, “You must be sad, right?” He says, “Yes, I will do whatever it takes to make Titli happy.” She says that Garv got mad because he loves Titli. He asks if you could draw a butterfly on his hand. Yes, she says. She makes it. He tells her to write him a letter. She is the author.

Garv gets a picture of a butterfly and says, “Write Garv’s Name.” He tells the mehendi artist to leave and scolds her. On Titli’s hand, he writes his name. He says you care about everyone’s happiness except mine, so we’ll talk later. He goes. She sobs and says prayers.

Garv’s family arrives. They talk about what Chintu did. Manikant says that I’ve reached the end of my patience and that I won’t forgive them the next time.

Alpa says then to end the marriage. Maina says it’s a nice day. Monica says it was wrong for Garv to punish Chintu. Koel says it was wrong. Monica says that Garv wouldn’t be able to come to my wedding if my in-laws stopped him.

Manikant says that he is his son and that he will never make a mistake because he knows how to punish people who do. He goes. Alpa says that Monica is saying Garv is wrong because he broke up her marriage. She talks back to Koel.

Koel goes and talks to Garv. She says Chintu did something bad, but he’s Titli’s brother, so you can’t stop him from going to the wedding. Garv says he’s not grown up, but I can’t deal with any trouble. I hope everything goes well, says Jaishri. Hiral and Titli have a fight.

Titli says that Chintu will come to my wedding, and that she will talk to Garv. Garv says I’m not going to change my mind. Paresh asks his family to give him a chance. Hiral says that Chintu is not Titli’s brother, but mine. Titli says that he’s my brother, so I don’t say anything.

Chintu says that blaming Titli won’t change the truth. Paresh will go. Garv talks to Titli on call. She thinks that my family problems will get worse if you find out the truth and fire Hiral from his job. He asks what’s going on and if you’re ready for bidaai.

She says, “I feel like I got away from everyone. Chintu has always protected me; he used to fight everyone for my sake. He isn’t a part of my marriage; we got apart.” She sobs.

When Garv gets mad, he says, “Let’s talk tomorrow.” Paresh and Jaishri are worried. They say that getting married should go well. Bhakti says, “Don’t worry about it. Garv can’t decide this. How can he? It’s wrong.” Titli says, “I wanted to tell him, but Baa stopped me. What should I do? If I had told him that Hiral did that, he would have fired Hiral.”
At their haldi party, Garv and Titli dance. Paresh is going to be arrested by Inspector. Manikant makes the couple split up.

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