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Titli 15th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 15th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update

At the start of the episode, Ishani tells Garv that he needs to leave. Garv says, “I told you before not to bother Titli and me, but I’m asking you again.” She asks, “Why?” and “Are you afraid I’ll tell her the truth?” Stop yelling, it was a mistake, I didn’t mean to break your hand.

There, Titli goes and sees Garv. Maina says that Titli’s family has done a lot to keep your promise. Manikant says, “I’d like to know how he can pay for this.” She asks him to just enjoy. Jaishri says that Titli went to the salon and will be back soon. Didn’t Garv come? Garv had come to work, Maina says, so he will come. Garv asks Titli to see Ishani’s crazy.

He says that I came to find out what she had written in the note. Ishani says he is lying. Garv says, “I’m shocked to see this. She doesn’t want us to stay together. You wanted to know why we broke up. Ishani’s dreams and goals were more important than me and my family.

I will do anything for you, so I came here. You are my life, and I don’t like you doubting my love.” Ishani says that he is lying, that no one should love him, and that he won’t leave you alone. Titli tells her off. She goes away. Ishani says that you’ve been lying.

Garv says, “If you try to hurt me, I’ll do anything. No one will trust you now. It’s about my love, and I’ll die if I lose. It’s time for you to leave my life, so please go.” He goes.

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Baa gets the chunri. She trips. The chunri is held by Chintu. Koel and Baa make fun of one another. Hiral thinks that this is something Titli can’t forget. Titli writes “I’m sorry” on the ground and sends a balloon to Garv. She says sorry. He wants to know if we’ll let anyone try to break us. She says, “I’m sorry, and I promise I won’t do it again.”

She says that I will drive. Garv says, “You think I’ll sit next to you, but I’ll drive.” She says that you are too attached to the car. He says, “No, I only care about you and your comfort, so just enjoy the ride.” Chintu says that I need someone to dance with. Dhara laughs.

Jaishri is asked to take care of the scarf by Koel. Jaishri says that it is safe. Koel says, “Bapu ji gave it to me when I got married. It’s blessed.” Baa looks at the burnt shawl. Jaishri is concerned. Koel says, “Show me what you’re doing.” She’s surprised. She tells Jaishri off.

Hiral thinks Titli needs to be told off. Koel gets angry. She talks back to Jaishri. Everyone looks on. Manikant tells Koel, I want you to show them where they belong. Paresh asks Jaishri to be honest and say who did it.

Baa says we don’t know. How do you know everything, Koel asks. They are Garv and Titli. Koel says that Titli is there.

She points to the scarf and says that you didn’t take care of it. Titli wonders how this burned. Koel tells her to tell him. Garv says that she would have hidden it. Koel says no, she should take care of things. Titli remembers this when he sees Hiral happy.

Alpa teases Titli. Titli says, “I don’t know anything. Give me a chance, and I’ll fix this.” Maina says yes, so we should give her a chance.

Garv says, “Trust her once, just like you trust me, so do I.” Koel hands over the scarf. Titli goes and sews on the stitches. Garv makes Koel calm down. He goes to get a glass of juice. Manikant taunts Paresh. Titli tells Hiral to stop and asks him why he burned it.

Hiral says that everyone has forgotten about me because of you, and they are spending a lot of money on your wedding. Hiral is scolded by Chintu. Paresh shows up and wants to know who did this.

Koel and Baa fight. Baa says you gave us the scarf, but we didn’t open it and check, so this happened. She asks Koel, “Did you check the dupatta before you gave it to me? How can you blame us?” Manikant asks Koel to say. Paresh tells them to be honest.

Garv says, “Now, you are just mine.” They dance together. Police comes. The man says that Paresh stole 15 lakhs from him. Manikant says that this wedding can’t take place right now.

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