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Titli 13th June 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 13th June 2023, Written Update on TellyUpdate.in.

Titli Written Update

At the beginning of the episode, Paresh and Chintu fight. Titli shows up to get her haldi. Jaishri smiles and brings the bowl of haldi. Dadi gets upset. The haldi is put on Titli by her. Mera sajna…plays… Everyone sends Titli good wishes and puts haldi on her. Rahul comes to Titli’s mind. The rites are done by Jaishri. Dadi asks Hiral to get ready for the wedding. Titli tells Hiral to leave it alone, but Hiral takes a long time to get ready.

Hiral says that she has to wear a very expensive outfit. Bhakti says, “I’ll prepare Titli.” She takes Titli with her. She is worried and asks me what I should say to Rahul. Bhakti says you have a right to have your question answered, so just go talk to Rahul. She makes Titli climb out the window and leave. Rahul is looking for her. He asks why she called him and how she found out everything.The man says, “There’s a lot we can do. You can get back the business and the house.

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Titli goes to him and talks to him. You said you were going to buy me a new dress, but this one isn’t new.” He says that you could have discussed this over the phone. You have kept the truth about the old dress from me.” He says, “I don’t expect you to be a child. People try online shopping, and maybe someone returned an old one I bought from a store. You can’t blame me, so I’ll buy you a new one.” She says that I was wrong.

He says that there is no miscommunication between us because we are getting married today. I was so happy and had a lot of plans, and you are… If you don’t like it, don’t wear it. Instead, wear any simple saree. I care about you and your happiness, not your clothes. Rahul gets a call from his mum and goes. She thinks to give him his watch when she finds it there. She follows him.

Hiral goes to meet Titli. Bhakti makes a story and sends her. Dadi comes in and tells Titli, “I got an anklet for you.” Bhakti says she’s going to the toilet. Dadi says okay. Rahul comes home. Bhairavi wants to know where you went. He is mad at her. “Why are you mad?” his mother queries. He claims that Titli recognized the dress’ age, that although innocent, she is not naive, and that she believes I am lying. Bhairavi asks if she was worried about us. He says I should talk to her about it on the night of my wedding.

His mum says she was upset and called you to tell you. He is upset. Titli is standing at the door. Titli is asked to open the door by Dadi. She rings the bell. What happened? asks Paresh. Titli isn’t here, according to Dadi. He checks. Titli says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t tell you I was coming here. Rahul forgot his watch.” Rahul’s mom says that Rahul yelled at her because of you. She says that you turned Rahul against her, because you could have asked me about the dress if you wanted to fight. Titli says no, which threw me off. His mother says, “I’m confused. Guy and girl don’t meet after haldi. You broke the rules. Does your family know about it?” She gives him a call. What?, he asks.


Rahul’s baraat gets to Titli’s house. She looks at his watch to see if his wife has called. She thinks that if he’s married.

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