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Titli 13th July 2023 Written Episode Update

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Titli Written Episode 13th July 2023, Written Update on Telly Updates.

Titli Written Update:

At the beginning of the episode, Garv asks, “Why did you do this?” She says I thought you like girls wearing heels like Ishani did. He says, “No, I care about your innocence, and I don’t see it in anyone else.” He removes her heels. Chintu hears Dhrishti and says that he can help.

She picks on him. He sees Dhara getting into a car. She says, “I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this was your car. I’m hungry and trying to hide from people.” He tells her, “It’s fine, I’ll take you somewhere, and you can eat well.” In the car, Dhrishti is sitting. She just tells Chintu to drive. She says that neither of you have anything that makes me envious. The gold ring stays with Paresh.

Monica says that it’s very pretty. Koel says yes. The man tells Manikant ji that their ring is better than yours. Garv ties a black thread around Titli’s hand and says, “Now we are in each other’s hearts.” Titli also ties him up with the black thread.

He says, “I promise that nothing bad will happen to us.” Ishani comes and says, “Promise, I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen.” Chintu’s home is where Dhara eats. She says thank you. Dhrishti tells her to move along. Dhara stands up and says, “My dress is ripped.”

Dhrishti makes fun of her and laughs at her. Chintu tells her to put a scarf over it. She goes fast. He goes to get Dhara a safety pin.

Garv and Titli have come to get married. Monica says that they are already married, so why do they need these rings? Baa says that Paresh got the expensive ring, and that Garv will have to wear it. Garv is teased by the girls. Titli and Garv get engaged.

Hiral stops Ishani and asks, “What are you doing here? You came home on Gordhana Day, too. What are you doing here?” Dada ji says nice things about Koel and tells Titli to keep the family together. Maina says right. Alpa teases her. Garv asks waitress to get cold drinks.

Ishani asks the waiter to bring Titli some orange juice. Garv doesn’t like orange juice, in her opinion. The waiter makes him angry. He tells the waiter to switch it. Titli says I like orange juice. The waiter says, “I like it, too, and it’s healthy.” Garv gets angry.

He says that if Titli likes it, then I will too. Monica praises Titli. Garv goes and fills the cups with orange juice. He tells him to take a deep breath and drink the juice. The waiter picks up a glass and says, “I’m done.” Garv says you like it, right, drink it now. He feeds him and scolds him with anger.

Ishani told me to show Titli your image today. She is shocked when she sees Garv. He tells her to leave. Titli goes out to find them. Garv makes Ishani afraid. He tells us, “Titli is my life, my everything, and I love her a lot. Don’t come near us.” There, Baa goes.

Titli is asked by Jaishri where the shagun boxes are. Titli tells me that Baa took it from me. Ishani says, “You saw how angry he was when he talked to me. That’s how he will treat Titli. He gets too angry, and when he does, he can kill anyone.”

Garv and Ishani have a fight. He tells her so. He says I didn’t mean to break your hand. Titli comes.

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